Six Tips for Doing a Spring Break Trip to Walt Disney World

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Six Tips for Doing a Spring Break Trip



With Spring Break currently going on, many people have descended on the Walt Disney World Resort.  Here are some tips to make your Spring Break trip as successful as possible.

Get your FastPasses

As soon as you possibly can, get your FastPasses booked, preferably for the attractions that your family most wants to do with the longest lines.  This locks in the knowledge that you have guaranteed yourself three attractions for each day of your trip, and each of these will be done with minimal wait, leaving time for other adventures.

Set your expectations

This is a very busy time of the year- it will be crowded.  You will not be able to do everything in the park in one day, unless you hire a VIP tour guide.  You will wait in line for just about everything including attractions, shows, and even purchasing food.  Know what the most important items are for each person in your travel party so that you can do your best to make sure these get done during the trip.  Anything above and beyond that is purely bonus.

Schedule Down Time

It is very likely that your trip to Walt Disney World will involve long days- probably even longer and more demanding days than what you, and your family, would experience at home.  Plan some downtime- especially if you are trying to rope drop in the morning and make it to the fireworks in the evening.  This doesn’t have to mean an afternoon nap, but it could be a nice break time for your travel group to sit down and rest.

If you want to dine in the Beast's Castle, make sure to have a reservation.
If you want to dine in the Beast’s Castle, make sure to have a reservation.

Plan your meals

Nothing seems to result in a potential temper tantrum than a hungry group of theme park goers.  Make sure to plan for a meal time.  Going from attraction to attraction involves lots of walking, which will result in a hungry travel party.  Come prepared with a snack or two, and make plans for at least one meal per day.  This meal can be either be table service or counter service, but make plans for where- and possibly what- you’re going to eat so that you have the opportunity to sit down and spend some time off of your feet.

Pack an extra change of clothes (or two!)

Springtime in Florida can be warm and wet.  There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a Florida thunderstorm and being soaked.  Sure, the storm will eventually stop, and you’ll eventually dry, but no one wants to stay wet for long.  Also, don’t forget to bring a change of shoes.  There is nothing worse than wet shoes.

Be Flexible

You don’t know what experience you will be missing out on if you aren’t flexible with your plans.  You may discover a new favorite snack or attraction that otherwise would have been missed if you hadn’t taken the time to look for it.

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