Quick Tips and Tricks to Snack Credits When on the Disney Dining Plan

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Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Tips


One of the aspects of the Disney Dining Plan that we greatly enjoy is the snack credits that we are able to choose from throughout our vacation.  We have used the Disney Dining Plan during our last three Disney vacations and have some tips and tricks that work well for us.  Here are some to help you get the most out of your snacks credits.

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First Stop of the Day

Use Disney Dining Plan Credits Early

Our first time with the Disney Dining Plan, we were so worried about using up our snacks too quickly that we saved and rationed them early on.  This left us with a handful of snack credits to use during our last day.  Although this isn’t awful, it did force us to make choices regarding what we could take with us.  We would have much rather used these credits throughout our trip instead of on the our last day.  This most recent trip, we used them early and often and had more than enough to get our Mickey Bar cravings whenever we wanted.

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Really Messy Ice Cream.. Sure

 Just Say Yes

This connects to the first tip of using them early.  The other part we loved about having snack credits with our dining plan was that we were able to say yes to our kids (within reason) when they wanted the popcorn, ice cream, or huge cinnamon roll.   Having these credits made it easier to allow our kids the choice of what they wanted for snacks.  Because they were prepaid for, we didn’t have to analyze the cost of each snack, or determine how they could share.  We liked the freedom, as did the kids, of allowing them to have more choice when it came to their snacks.

 Use For Breakfast

With the dining plan we never leave a meal hungry.  With that said, sometimes we don’t need the snacks throughout the day or we often have fruit gummies or small snacks with us that can hold us over.  This gives us the opportunity to use the snack credit to grab something for breakfast.  Fresh fruit, yogurt, and delicious pastries can be found at your Disney resort as well as at different quick service meals.  This was a great way for us to use our snack credits.

 Most For Your Money

This might seem strange as your snack credits are already paid for with the dining plan.  What we learned though is that snack credits are not all created equal.  There are a variety of different snack credit options that can serve as meal for some people.  This is another way that you can stretch out your credits during your trip.  We love the popcorn, Mickey Bars, funnel cakes and ice cream, but we have used credits to get a side of fries, fruit or even the large cinnamon roll at Gaston’s that help stretch our meals out more.  Take a few minutes before heading out to Disney to look over the variety of different food items that are considered snacks.  This is a great way to try new things as well.

 Take Them Home

If you get to your last day and still have credits left, don’t panic.  There are so many delicious treats that you can take back home with you to make the magic last a little longer.  Delicious rice crispy bars and Goofy’s candy are all great options to taking with you on the plane.

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We love choosing families to surprise

 Share The Magic

If all else fails though and you have credits left, share the magic.  Offer to buy something for someone else in the park to help make their day even more magical.

We love the food at Walt Disney World and the snacks add to that love.  Having the dining plan and therefore snack credits at our disposal makes these snacks even more delicious.  We have learned through trial and error how to make the most out of these credits.

If you’re traveling to Walt Disney World, here’s a fun and easy-to-use tool for planning and keeping track of meal credits on the Disney Dining Plan!

What is your best advice for taking advantage of snack credits when you are on the Disney Dining Plan? Share in the comments! 

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