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The perfect place to stay before a Disney Cruise from Vancouver

I’m going to say it yet again: If you are taking a Disney Cruise and have to travel to your embarkation port, it is imperative that you arrive a day early. My family recently sailed on a Disney Wonder cruise to Alaska. We wisely chose to fly in a day early. Why wisely, you may ask? Because our flight was delayed by hours. There were people on that flight who had cruises booked on other ships that were leaving that day. Some of those people raced to get off the plane as soon as it landed, and I seriously hope they made it onboard in time. Other people knew very well that there was no way they would make their cruise. They wound up canceling their flight and going home. Don’t let this happen to you. Arrive at your embarkation port a day early!

On embarkation day, we walked out of the hotel and saw THIS!

Years ago, we did this when we sailed on the Disney Dream to the Caribbean. (And yes, that flight was delayed by hours as well!). For our Alaska cruise, we had one hotel recommended for us: The Pan Pacific Vancouver.

This was our view as we ate breakfast!

The Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel is quite literally right next door to the port. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about how to get from the hotel to the port. You just walk! And the staff at this hotel offers complimentary baggage delivery to the cruise ship. We sent our two large pieces of luggage ahead to the ship and walked on the ship with one small carry-on each.

Our room had two double beds

There are many different room configurations here. My parents got a king-sized bed in their room. My sister got a room with two double beds. We got a room with two double beds and a pull-out couch.

The bathroom was spacious, but the controls on the shower required an advanced degree to figure out. (Maybe I’m exaggerating, but first thing in the morning, I really don’t want to have to try to figure out how to get hot water in my shower!)

The atrium of the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel is large and airy, with lots of huge glass windows. From both the bar and the breakfast location, you can gaze out at whatever ships happen to be docked at the time.

Complimentary breakfast buffet

We had a late dinner at the hotel Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel bar. I have to say that this was disappointing. The service was painfully slow and the food was overpriced, even taking into consideration the Canadian exchange rate. I ordered the only salad on the menu, and it was overdressed. However, our rooms included a complimentary buffet breakfast. The buffet was plentiful and had good variety.

I’d say it is impossible to find a hotel that is more conveniently located to the Vancouver port than the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel is. Because of this, I highly recommend the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel for your pre-cruise stay. It was a great base of operations before our cruise!

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