3 must-try desserts at Pixar Pier

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Pixar Pier just opened this summer at Disney California Adventure and with it came rides, characters, decorations and mostly importantly: snacks. Because I’m such a big sweet tooth, I had to try all the treats I could get my hands on. I’m going to share my top 3 Pixar Pier desserts/treats with you.

All three of these are available year round and were not just a part of Pixar Fest. And without further ado, let’s get hungry!

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num

Jack Jack Cookie Num Num

Location: Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums, near Incredicoaster

Why it’s wonderful: They serve it warm! It wasn’t the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had, but it was definitely an upgrade from standard Disney cookies. It’s a good size and it should be, since it’s $6. Definitely splittable. But also could definitely be a snack for one if you believe in yourself.

The downside: When we were there, the weather was in the upper 80s. So a warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookie was almost too hot to enjoy. Almost.


Pixar Pier Parfait


Pixar Pier Parfait

Location: Adorable Snowman’s Frozen Treats, behind the souvenir shop, near Pixar Pier billboards

Why it’s wonderful: Lemon is my all-time favorite flavor. Lucky for me, lemon is Adorable Snowman’s signature flavor. Could it be the new Dole Whip? At least for me, lemon > pineapple. Much like Dole Whip, the lemon ice cream is also dairy free. For 5.99, you can get the Pixar Pier Parfait. It’s 3 layers. Lemon soft serve, blue slush, lemon soft serve. All with a cherry on top! This was really good. The texture of the slush and ice cream actually went really well together. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Whenever I get back to Disney California Adventure, this is going to be my first treat. The stand also offers vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

The downside: Your tongue will be blue for the rest of the day.

Grape Soda Cake Pop


Grape Soda cake pop

Location: Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, across from Pixar Pal Around

Why it’s wonderful: First of all, I love anything Up themed. And I also love food on a stick. This cake pop was appropriately grape flavored and even purple on the inside! It was covered in a tasty chocolate coating. Honestly, it was almost too cute to eat. The shop also has a cake pop for each Inside Out emotion. Joy was lemon-flavored and Disgust was watermelon.

The downside: The texture is a bit play doh-ish. But worth it, I promise.

Inside Grape Soda cake pop

Pixar Pier was both fun to play at and fun to eat at! It’s a great addition to Disneyland Resort!   And the new snacks are defintely fun and delicious!

Have you tried any snacks for Pixar Pier yet? What was your favorite? Share in a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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