Lunch at The Boathouse

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Disney Springs has changed dramatically over the past few months. Not only have a wide variety of new stores opened, but there has also been an explosion of new places to eat. I’ve slowly been making my way around the Springs, determined to try everything eventually. One of the places on my list was The BOATHOUSE. On a hot day, I decided it was time to check it out.

The restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m. for lunch each day and stays open late. We made a reservation for 11:00 a.m. and arrived just as The BOATHOUSE was opening up for the day. I am fairly certain that we were the first customers to come in that morning because it was very quiet. Things picked up quickly though.


Restaurant Interior

The young girls in our party got excited when they saw that the table in front of us was in the middle of a boat. They immediately asked if we would get to sit in the “boat table.” I am not sure if the hostess heard them ask or if the plan was to seat us in the boat in the first place, but that is where we ended up. Good thing, because I think the kids would have been disappointed if we had been seated elsewhere. Okay, I suppose I should just be honest here. I would have been really disappointed too!

The boat table was was actually a booth. It was great for the kids because we were able to seat an adult on each side. Not that I expected anyone to try and escape, but you never know. Once we settled into the boat, we took a look at the menu.


Inside Bar Area

There was a good variety of options on the menu. Since I was eating lunch in a boat though, I felt somewhat obligated to choose a seafood item. I decided on the coconut shrimp. I also added a side of the firecracker shrimp sauce simply because I wanted to try it. My friend chose the filet mignon sliders. The girls ordered mac and cheese, burgers, and fries from the kids’ menu.


Filet Mignon Sliders

While we waited for our food to arrive, I took a quick look around the restaurant. The BOATHOUSE is perfectly decorated with the nautical theme throughout. The gift shop attached to the features an array of nautical items for purchase. There is a bar area inside and also a dockside bar outside. The view of the water and the Disney Springs area from the deck was beautiful. The dockside bar looked like it would be a great place to relax in the evening.


Dockside Bar Area

I wandered back inside and it wasn’t long before our food arrived. My shrimp was crispy and fresh. It had a nice coconut flavor and I enjoyed the fries.  I really liked the firecracker sauce, even though I think it would have gone better with regular fried shrimp. It had a great flavor and a nice spice. I think if I go back, I might order the firecracker shrimp as my meal.


Coconut Shrimp and Fries

My friend commented that the filet mignon sliders were very tasty. They were well seasoned and the herb butter was the perfect condiment to accompany them. She was surprised that they were able to cook them medium rare, given how small the steak pieces were.


Kids’ French Fries

The girls loved that their meals were served in car-shaped boxes. They were fun and went right along with the Amphicars outside the restaurant. More on those in a minute…


Kids’ Mac and Cheese

The kids thought that the burger and fries were OK, but the mac and cheese got less than stellar reviews. The cheese sauce seemed thin, leaving the macaroni with little flavor. I tried the mac and cheese as well. You know, just to make sure that the review was accurate, and I agreed. The cheese flavor was definitely lacking.

One of the biggest complaints about The Boathouse that I often hear is that it is expensive. Most of the dessert items were reasonably priced, except for the baked Alaska.  As much as I wanted to try it, the $40 price tag (and lack of other adults to help eat it) turned us away. We opted to grab dessert elsewhere.



Amphicar Launch

After paying the bill, we went outside to watch the Amphicar tours launch. The Amphicars start out on land and drive into the water, taking you on a water tour of Disney Springs.  I have to say, I would love to do one of these tours. It looked like it would be so much fun! At $125 for a 20 minute ride though, it was outside the budget. I did find out later that you can receive $25 off a tour if you present a lunch receipt from The BOATHOUSE when booking your tour. So, maybe someday.


Ready to Roll!

We left The BOATHOUSE full and happy.  I liked my meal even though the coconut shrimp really wasn’t any different from the shrimp you can find at other seafood restaurants. Next time, I will try the firecracker shrimp or maybe something completely different.


Amphicar Tour of Disney Springs

I think I will make my way back to The BOATHOUSE at some point. With so many new places to try at Disney Springs, it may be a while. If the price of an Amphicar tour ever goes down though, I am there!

Have you had a chance to visit The BOATHOUSE or take an Amphicar Tour?  Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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