Lunch at the Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen

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Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen Lunch Review

The Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen is the Magic Kingdom’s newest table service restaurant.  Located in Adventureland, this restaurant is based upon the popular Jungle Cruise attraction.  The theme and décor are spot on for adventurous travel expeditions!

The check in area provides a shady nook where you wait for a text to let you know your table is ready.  I liked getting a text rather than holding a buzzer, and these chairs were comfortable.

Skipper Canteen seats


The Skipper Canteen has three rooms:  the Crew’s Mess Hall, the S.E.A (Society of Explorers and Adventurers) Room, and the Falls Family Parlor where Dr. Albert Falls used to frequent.  According to the storyline of the restaurant, Dr. Albert Falls founded the Jungle Navigation Company in 1911.  Each room has a unique atmosphere and artifacts from exotic travels.

Skipper Canteen Mess hall

Skipper Canteen Mess Hall 2

Skipper Canteen Light

Skipper Canteen Objects 2

Skipper Canteen Objects 3

Skipper Canteen Butterfly Booth

Skipper Canteen Butterflies

The Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen menu had the story of Dr. Albert Falls and some drawings of travel adventures, though the most fun part of the menu was a reference to the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Skipper Canteen Menu

My favorite room was where I dined, the S.E.A Room.  In order to enter the room, guests pass though an open hidden bookcase passageway.

Skipper Canteen bookcase

The view from my table did transport me to a secret meeting room of explorers, and the table itself had a compass to tie in with the travel theme.  Even the carpet was worth noticing!

Skipper Canteen room

Skipper Canteen Table

Skipper Canteen carpet

The theme carries over to the restrooms, where the sink and light fixture were an extension of adventure!

Skipper Canteen Restroom Sink

Skipper Canteen Restoom Sink 2

Skipper Canteen Restroom Light

The one area in which the theme did not click with me was the interaction with the server.  I was expecting corny jokes similar to the ones on the Jungle Cruise attraction.  My server was prompt, attentive, and friendly, though he was in De Nile (denial!) over the humor aspect of the Jungle Cruise.  I have heard that other servers do get into playing the role of a Skipper, so perhaps this is hit or miss.

Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen Food

The menu offers foods with distinctive flavors and entrees with a bit of a twist not found elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Standard beverages are offered, but in the spirit of travel there is the option of Guarana Kuat Coca-Cola from Brazil and Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand.  I enjoyed the Brazilian beverage!

Skipper Canteen beverages

Ethiopian style bread with an orange blossom citrus flavored honey was promptly brought to the table.

Skipper Canteen Bread

Many of the entrees were tempting, and I opted for the “A Lot At Steak” Salad.  Grilled steak was served with romaine lettuce, red peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and parsley.  I asked for the steak to be cooked medium, and it was perfect.  The dressing was a coriander-mint vinaigrette, heavier on the coriander than on the mint, though it gave the salad a unique taste bursting with flavor.

Skipper Canteen salad


For dessert, I had the Coconut Bar with Pineapple-Basil Compote and Vanilla Ice Cream.  The flavors blended nicely and it was delicious!

Skipper Canteen Dessert

I was enjoying the atmosphere and rest from the park so much that I decided to linger a bit longer to order a cup of tea.  A selection of Twinings tea was brought to my table along with a handy tea timer so I could steep my selection of Berry Blush Infusion properly.  The spontaneous decision to have a cup of tea was the perfect ending to this flavorful meal!

Skipper Canteen Tea Selection

Skipper Canteen Tea Timer 2

Skipper Canteen Tea

Have you dined at the Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen?  Which food selections did you enjoy?  Tell us in a comment below.

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