Review of an Interior Stateroom on the Disney Wonder

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Welcome to Stateroom 6067 on the Disney Wonder!

My family sailed on the Disney Wonder to Alaska. I had never sailed on this particular ship before. Previously, my family had sailed on the Dream in a stateroom with a verandah. This time, we booked an interior cabin, which was less expensive. Let’s take a look at stateroom 6067.

Cruise line cabins overall are known for being small, but when the Wonder was first built, it prided itself on having some of the largest staterooms in the industry. Despite its small size, we were simply amazed by how much room we had. Clothing for three people easily fit into the drawers and closets.

The couch in “day mode”

Since there were only three people in our Disney Wonder cabin, my daughter had the option of sleeping in a bunk that pulled down from the ceiling or on the pull-out couch. She chose the couch. (If you choose the bunk, you will find a ladder that connects to the bunk in your closet.)  Every night while we were at dinner, our marvelous housekeeper Nicky (she was amazing and I let Disney know!) set up the couch for sleeping. While we were out and about during the day, she magically transformed it back into a couch. (I’m pretty sure Nicky is a fairy godmother.)

Disney Wonder

Small but functional bathroom

The bathroom is small. There is no way more than one person can get ready in the morning at the same time. If this is a concern for you, be sure to book a larger stateroom with a porthole or a verandah, where you can get a split bathroom.

Disney Wonder

Master bed

Our queen-sized bed was very comfortable. A curtain separated our bed from my daughter’s sleeping area at night. Pirate-themed artwork decorates the bedroom. There is a TV on a swivel stand in the sitting area. There are several channels available, from the morning show with our cruise directors to a selection of on-demand Disney movies, cartoons and TV shows. (Keep in mind that they do not have Disney+. In fact, my daughter jokingly referred to the on-demand section as Disney Minus.)

Pull out bed

Remember the magical transformation the cabin went through every evening? Included in that magic is a small chocolate for each member of the party as well as a creative towel animal. If you’re fascinated by these, there is even a free seminar on board where you can learn how to make your own!

Another towel animal!

If your kids have brought any stuffed animals with them, they’ll be included in the fun as well. Every night we found my daughter’s neatly arranged on her bed. I wonder what they were up to while we were exploring the ship?

In short, don’t let the small size of the Disney Wonder staterooms dissuade you from cruising. The truth is, on an average cruise day, you’ll only spend a small amount of time in your cabin to sleep and shower. Since there were so many other places on the ship to sit and watch the breathtaking scenery, we also did not mind that we didn’t have a porthole. Overall, we were very happy with our stateroom onboard the Disney Wonder!


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