Staying at a Disney World Resort with Your Special Needs Child

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Staying at a Disney World Resort with Your Special Needs Child

Many parents with special needs children often wonder if they should stay at a Disney World Hotel. We often think, “How will my child react to a new place?” This fear always has me concerned when I travel. Staying at a Disney Resort with your special needs child can help relieve some traveling anxiety.

My first piece of advice is to make sure you preview with your child where you will be staying. The Mouse for Less has pictures of every resort hotel. You can even take a look at each hotel and see if your child seems to like one resort over the other. Previewing the resort can help your child be less likely to have a meltdown when seeing the hotel in person for the first time.

When traveling, make sure you bring some toys or items from home. This way your child can associate comforting items with their new surroundings. When I travel with my son, we always bring books he likes to read at bedtime. Having familiar items or toys will make your child less anxious.

Staying at a Disney World Resort with Your Special Needs Child

Staying on Disney property also allows you the perk of using Disney Transportation. Many children with special needs are familiar with riding a bus to school. My son loves to ride the bus at Disney. He is more comfortable staying on Disney property because he knows he can ride the bus to get anywhere. If you child likes riding boats, consider staying at a resort that offers boat transportation to certain areas.

Are you worried about your special needs child eating? Then consider staying at a Disney Deluxe Villa Resort. You can cook specific food for your special needs child. We are Disney Vacation Club members, so I enjoy being able to cook breakfast and lunch in our studio villa when we travel to Disney World. My son is a very picky eater. I will bring my sandwich maker with me and make him grilled cheese.

Finally, Disney World hotels have great amenities. What does your child like to do? We recently stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and my son loved the playground! Does your child like to swim? Disney’s Beach Club Resort has a fantastic pool area. If your child likes to go for walks, consider staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins so you can walk the trails.

Staying at a Disney World Resort with Your Special Needs Child

While traveling with your special needs child can stressful and full of anxiety, the Walt Disney World resorts offer many amenities and perks that will help your child feel at home. I never expect my Disney vacations to be perfect when traveling with my special needs child. Enjoy each moment and enjoy making memories with your family!

What tips do you have for choosing a Disney World Resort with your special needs child in mind? Share them in the comments.

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