Foodie Friday: Dining at PizzeRizzo Using Mobile Order

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A few weeks ago, I made my return to Walt Disney World, following the park closure. One of the things that the Walt Disney World Resort is stressing during these times, is that Guests participate in Mobile Ordering, especially at Quick Service dining locations. While I’ve certainly used Mobile Order before, it was interesting to see how things have changed since the parks reopened. So we decided to try it out at PizzeRizzo at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

First off, Mobile Order worked as it always has to place your order. Guests get to go into the My Disney Experience app and peruse the menu, placing items they wish to enjoy in their cart. They can even make adjustments to the order via the app. They then place their order. (Now for those who need assistance with dining, you can still visit a Cast Member at the restaurant and speak with them.)

Mobile Order

When you’re nearby the restaurant (and it’s near the dining time you picked, which you’ll need to select prior to making your order) you click on the Prepare My Order button. Disney then instructs you to that they are working on your order. In the past, you would be able to go inside the restaurant and wait to pick up your order. Now, Disney instructs Guests to wait outside the restaurant and observe physical distancing guidelines. You will then be notified when your order is ready to be picked up.

Mobile Order

Once you get notified that your order is ready, you’ll then be instructed to head inside the restaurant and which window that your order will be ready at. You’ll then visit the Cast Member at the door and let them know that your order is ready and they will instruct you to which window you’ll need to head to. You’ll maintain social distancing while waiting in line and then be able to pick up your order.

Mobile Order

As for seating, Guests can pick whichever table they would like to sit at and there are tables that are clearly marked that you should not sit at them to maintain physical distancing. We chose to sit in my favorite room, the event hall. (The music in here is killer!)

As far as our meals, my husband got the Meat Lover’s Pizza, which is served with a Caesar Salad. Now, PizzeRizzo is known for having polarizing pizza. You either really love it or you hate it. My husband and I personally love it, but it’s definitely not for everyone. The pizza is a LOT of dough and light on toppings and sauce. Presentation is also not really a thing here….it’s all about efficiency. With that being said, the pizza was cooked well and tasty with lots of meat piled on top. The salad comes in a small cup and it’s not fancy, but if you’re looking for something “healthy,” it fits the bill.

I got the kids cheese pizza. I like getting the kids meal here because I don’t find that it’s that much smaller than the adult version, plus you get two sides (I got the applesauce and cookie, and you get a drink.) It’s also a little cheaper. For those of us with smaller stomachs, it’s a great deal. Again, the pizza was good, the applesauce was the Go-Go Squeeze, and the cookie is the traditional kids chocolate chip cookie. I also got a small Dasani water because it was hot out!

It was certainly interesting experiencing this new version of Mobile Order and the whole process worked flawlessly.

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