Behind the Attraction Series on Disney+: Hit or Miss?

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Is Disney+'s new series Behind the Attraction worth a watch?


Behind the Attraction is a new 10 episode series on Disney+ that looks at the making of and stories behind some of the most popular Disney attractions around the world. As a Disney history fan this series seemed right up my alley, and I was excited to watch it. The first 5 episodes are out now, but are they worth your time?

First 5 episodes of Behind the Attraction out now
The Behind the Attraction episodes available now

The Hits:

  • Behind the Attraction episodes are fast paced with lots of movement and quick story telling. The pacing keeps you interested, and it even kept my almost 8 year old wanting to watch more. If you like hot the Netflix series “The Toys that Made Us” or “The Movies that Made Us” flow then you will probably enjoy Behind the Attraction.
  • Episodes are less than an hour making it an easy to sit and watch 1 episode and move on or sit and binge watch.
  • Rarely seen footage of Walt Disney, original Imagineers, and Disneyland before the park was open. Video and pictures of how they prepared the area for the Jungle Cruise attraction was especially interesting.
  • Fun interviews with Cast Members and Imagineers involved in building, creating or running the attractions. Some interviewees have even passed on and it is wonderful to have these stories saved for future generations.

The Misses:

  • Often the episodes seem like advertisement for movies or new attractions. The episode on the Jungle Cruise ended focusing on the new Jungle Cruise movie with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The last 18 minutes of the 47 minute Star Tours episode focused on Galaxy’s Edge and the attractions of this land. I felt the episode was miss-named.
The Millennium Falcon attraction at Galaxy's Edge
View of the Millennium Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland
  • Behind the Attraction is not as in-depth as a Disney history fan might like. The Imagineering Story was an instant hit with Disney fans. It was very informative while keeping you interested. The Behind the Attraction episodes are much more surface than the Imagineering Story.
  • Some of the episodes can be too gimmicky and cheesy with puns and jokes. This seemed especially true with the Haunted Mansion episode.

Hit or Miss?

Ultimately I think this new series is a HIT! While the Disney Parks history buff might have heard all of the information before, it is still great to see the footage, interviews and stories all in one place. The episodes can be watched together with kids and hold the attention and interest of all ages. I am excited to see the next episodes and hope the series might continue beyond this first season.

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