Where to Escape Bad Weather: Disneyland Edition

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Yes, it sometimes rains in Southern California!

Raise your hand if this has happened to you. You plan for a year in advance and choose a time of year to visit Disneyland when the weather is supposed to be beautiful. And there is a freak heat wave and it’s in the triple digits by the time you arrive. (My hand is raised.) Or the temperatures don’t go above 50. (There’s my hand again.) Or this is the one week Southern California decides to end its drought, and it’s pouring rain. (Yup, that’s my hand again.)

What do you do when bad weather happens? Trust me, the answer is NOT leave the parks and hole up in your hotel room. There are plenty of ways to have fun and keep comfortable at Disneyland, even in bad weather.


Located in Disneyland Park’s Tomorrowland, not only is this indoors, but it’s a must for Star Wars fans. Check out actual props from the Star Wars movie franchise. Watch a short film about the making of the saga. Stroll through a replica of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Try out some Star Wars video games. And, of course, this being Disneyland, there is a gift shop where you can plunk down your hard earned cash to buy anything and everything Star Wars. You can also meet your favorite Star Wars villains and heroes, so don’t forget to have your camera charged and your autograph books ready!


Many of the shops on Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland Park. are connected in the interior. So it is possible to go almost from end to end without stepping foot outside. You can browse if you’re not in the mood to buy.


Located in California Adventure’s Hollywood Land, this is the home of the popular Animation Academy, where you can learn to draw a Disney character. You can also find the Sorcerer’s Workshop, where you can try an old-school rotoscope and take a quiz to see which Disney character you are most like. There’s also Turtle Talk with Crush, where guests young and old can talk to Crush – and he talks back! This is also the home of Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome for any Frozen fans in the family. And you can do all of this without stepping foot outdoors.


Not only is this show, in California Adventure’s Hollywood Land, a dazzling musical spectacle, it’s also a great place to put your feet up and relax. The show is an hour long, so it’s perfect for when weary feet just won’t take another step and the weather outside is frightful.

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