The Lion King on Broadway in New York City

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A Visit to NYC




We recently had the opportunity to visit New York City and take in a show! This was a welcome visit after the pandemic had closed down all of the Broadway shows until recently. We also love the Festival of the Arts at Epcot, to get our culture in, but this a nice treat for when you can’t be at the parks.

We live about 3 hours drive away from New York City, so we did want to plan a trip and stay overnight. We have done limited fun travel during the pandemic so we were excited to get to the city after a couple of years of not visiting. We decided to take the train into the city and stay at the Millennium Broadway Hotel, with a city view room. The view was great and we were about a block from the Minskoff Theater where the Lion King was playing.
                                                                    A Visit to NYC
We purchased our tickets ahead of time via Ticketmaster. During the purchase process, it was made clear that you needed to show your Covid -19 Vaccine Status prior to entry to the theater. This was also true of many of the restaurants.

                                                                        A Visit to NYC

The seats that we had were on the Mezzanine. The theater was fairly small so while we were higher up on the Mezzanine they were still wonderful seats.



It was requested that based on our seating we should arrive 50 minutes prior to show. The venue, via TicketMaster, sent out a chart asking you to arrive by a certain time based on your seats in order to not have a bunch of people queued up. It worked.


                                                                        Covid arrival



We did get stopped outside on the sidewalk to show vaccine status. They also had a testing site right there if you needed to be tested. Prior to the trip I received an email with the recommendation to download the NYCOVID Safe Application. It’s a free app where you can scan in your drivers license and your vaccine cards. This made it a lot easier at the door than fumbling with actual paperwork.  

                                                                          NYC Safe


                                                                      Covid Test


You do need to wear masks in the theater at all times regardless of your vaccination status. The show was fully booked and so we were happy to keep our masks on. 

The show was incredible. The cast and crew were clearly happy to be back on stage doing what they love. We were happy to be in the audience enjoying watching the cast and crew do what they love. The cast are the best in the business and we were just blown away by the music, the percussion and the vocals! The sets were breathtaking, its just a wonderful show. The kids in the cast were unbelievably talented.


                                                                        A Trip to NYC



It was beyond words at how awesome it was to take this experience in. It was well worth the trip even if you do have to prove your vaccine status or get tested and still wear a mask. We did not mind at all and it was so wonderful to be a part of the the city for the night and just witness life somewhat back to normal.  I can’t wait to see the Festival of the Lion King Show in Animal Kingdom Park on my next visit, just to relive some of it.


                                                                                A trip to NYC

We had an awesome time walking around the city, eating at local establishments and taking part in some normal activities. Yes, wearing a mask in the train stations, restaurants and the theater was not the best, but at this point we are used to it and are happy to do it if it means keeping others safe and enjoying the return of an awesome Broadway show.






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