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Disney Plus Crafts

Disney+ has been providing fans with a ton of great and exciting things to watch since they launched. Some of the first things I found were focused on the history and behind the scenes aspects of the parks and company, but recently I have also become a fan of the focus on making and creating. On that front, there are two shows I want to highlight.

Disney Plus Family Sunday

First, is Disney Family Sundays. This show comes out once a week and has relatively short episodes that teach you how to make a Disney-themed craft at home. These crafts are fun and hit a wide variety of Disney related characters, from Mickey to the Muppets. Some of my personal favorites were the “Up” inspired Adventure Map, the Lion King paint pour, and the Wall-E recycling container.

Up Adventure Map

One warning before you start going, especially if you think you might want to do some of these crafts with your own family – the actual difficulty on these isn’t that high, but the supplies you might need varies very widely. Some of the things, like the Tangled lanterns, you might be able to do with what you already have around your house. Some others, like the “Sugar Rush Racer,” are much more specific and material intensive (you need a wagon, pool noodles, and a bunch of other crafting supplies). If you have someone in your home that quickly imprints on fun ideas and you want to preview/edit which episodes you watch, Disney also has the material list and instructions available online.

Disney Plus Shop Class

The second show inhabiting the Disney maker space is “Shop Class.” This show is hosted by Justin Long, and is set up in a bracket-style competition reality show where teams of two middle to high school students and a shop/woodworking/metalworking teacher complete some challenge each week.

Shop Class Examples

The challenges are a lot of fun, and range from repurposing school supplies to make a skate park to creating a life-size derby car. They are judged by two constant judges (an architect and designer) and a rotating guest judge from Walt Disney Imagineering. The inclusion of the Imagineers is pretty much the only real indication that this is a Disney show at all, but it is nice to see some of the behind the scenes people taking their knowledge and experience to help guide the next generation of creators.


Whether you are looking for hands on activities to do in your home, or creative inspiration through seeing what others come up with, Disney+ has you covered. Check them out and get inspired!

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