Foodie Friday: Review of the Whisky Apple Creme Brulee at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Whisky Apple Crème Brulee

So, last week, I shared about the delectable holiday treats that could be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the season. You know….like my favorite….the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. Well, this past weekend, I was in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (perhaps picking up a couple of whoopie pies to come home with me) and I decided to grab lunch at Baseline Tap House. (Because if you also know me, then you know how much I love a good charcuterie board! Which, of course, Baseline has!) 


Outdoor dining is available at Baseline and it was a beautiful day to enjoy our lunch


So, while I was looking at the menu, I saw this little bitty sign that indicated that Baseline was serving up a holiday treat, in the form of a Whisky Apple Creme Brulee. 


This was not one of the treats that had been talked about anywhere that I had seen, so I was intrigued. What makes my intrigue so puzzling is I don’t particularly like alcohol, and whisky is not my known drink of choice, if I do partake.

But crème brulee is my weakness, being my favorite dessert overall, and an apple version sounded heavenly. So, I thought….what the heck! Let’s give it a try! 


Whisky Apple Crème Brulee


While it was a small dessert for the price, I kind of gave it a pass, because, well it was crème brulee. 

First thing I noticed was how perfect the caramelization was on top. Too often it can be too much or not enough….this looked just about right. So, I dove my spoon right in and got a hefty helping of the treat. 

Let me tell you. Oh my gosh. This dessert did not disappoint. There was the wonderful vanilla flavor of the crème brulee. Then below were the cinnamon apple pieces. All of it was accented with the taste of whisky, which was not overpowering. As someone who is sensitive to alcoholic flavors though, I definitely tasted it. 

Honestly, this was a definite win and I would love to be able to make this at home. Cinnamon apple crème brulee is now right up there as one of my favorite ways to make this this dish. Now to figure out a good recipe! If only Disney would share theirs! 

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