Foodie Friday: Minnie’s Halloween Dine Review

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One of the biggest changes with dining at Walt Disney World following the COVID closure is character dining. Recently, the resort re-introduced character dining at Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood & Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I was intrigued by the changes that had occurred, so I finally crossed this restaurant off my Disney bucket list on my most recent trip.


One of the biggest changes with this character meal is that prior to it reopening, Hollywood & Vine served a buffet. Due to COVID concerns, however, the restaurant has transitioned into a three course meal….which to me is a huge improvement. Guests have the choice of one of the appetizers (to be shared among the table), one of the entrees, and one of the desserts.

Minnie's Halloween Dine


When Guests enter the restaurant, they are welcomed by this backdrop, which they can then take selfies with.

Minnie's Halloween Dine


Of course, this is a character meal, so the characters are present. Guests will be able to see Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and the hostess of this soiree, Minnie! The fun part, due to the fact that this is a Halloween themed meal, the characters are dressed in Halloween costumes.

Guests must remain seated and take selfies with the characters, if they would like character photos.

How cute is Vampire Mickey?

Minnie's Halloween Dine

Then there’s witch Minnie.

Minnie's Halloween Dine


Pluto comes in with a fun themed collar!

Minnie's Halloween Dine


Finally, there’s Cowboy Goofy!

Minnie's Halloween Dine


Now, let’s get to the meal portion.

As mentioned, the salad appetizer is served tableside. We chose the Farmhouse Tossed Salad, which was incredibly fresh. And it featured cornbread croutons, which were yummy!


Guests are also served rolls with butter.



My dinner mate got the Pork Osso Bucco which is served with boursin cheese hominy grits, caramelized apples,  lemon gremolata, and pork reduction gravy.

I got the garlic and cracked black pepper prime rib of beef, which is served with sour cream-chive mashed potatoes, fried brussels sprouts, and pearl onions with red wine jus. It was excellent!


We had many different desserts too. Now, I know these are supposed to be pies….but this is definitely a deconstructed version. I was expecting a slice of pie. So I was definitely surprised. This is the cherry-lemon pie.


Then we had the Chocolate S’mores Pie, which is dark chocolate mousse, with toasted marshmallow fluff, and graham cracker streusel.

Finally, I had my favorite dessert…the vanilla creme brulee.


Before Guests leave, they are presented with a card that has all the characters signatures on them.

Minnie's Halloween Dine


Overall, I found Minnie’s Halloween Dine to be a very enjoyable meal. The menu was much improved over a buffet and while I do miss the actual character greetings, I completely understand why things are the way they are and have no problem with this way of meeting characters currently.

Hollywood & Vine features a different themed meal every quarter, whether it’s Holiday themed, Award Season themed, or Summer.

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