Restaurantosaurus in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park

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Restaurantosaurus cover

Restaurantosaurus, located in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom in DinoLand U.S.A, is a dinosaur lovers perfect place to eat!  It is also one of the two air conditioned quick service dining locations in Animal Kingdom and that makes it an ideal spot to take a lunch break on a hot park day.

Restaurantosaurus Outside

The outdoor seating on the front porch is covered which provides shelter from the sun and rain, but there are plenty of seats indoors.

Restaurantosaurus Tables

There are a few seating areas inside the building, and throughout the restaurant fascinating displays of dinosaurs can be found.  If you or your family likes dinosaurs, it’s worth a stroll through the seating areas to see all of these prehistoric details.

Restaurantosaurus Dinos 1

Restaurantosaurus Dinos 2

Ordering is done at a central counter, though there is a beverage station here to fill your own drinks and if you order a burger a decent fixings bar is available to use.

I ordered the Roasted Chicken with Mixed Greens Salad.  The dressing was pre-tossed, which is sometimes hit or miss for me.  It had a bit of a flavorful Caesar taste to it with a kick, sort of an Italian Caesar flavor.  The chicken was plentiful and the greens were fresh, so I was pleased with the salad.

Restaurantosaurus Salad

My daughter ordered a kid’s meal, and a kid’s meal at Restaurantosaurus is fun!  The kid’s meals come in a sand pail with a shovel for you to keep.  This comes in handy if you visit The Bone Yard after your meal because kids can use the pail and shovel to go on their own archaeological dig for dinosaur bones!  My daughter picked corn dog nuggets and French fries as her entrée, and had grapes and chocolate milk with her meal.  She enjoyed the corn dog nuggets and fries, and we thought that the bucket was a nice take away from the meal.

Restaurantosaurus Complete kid's meal

Restaurantosaurus Corn Dog Nuggets

Another handy use for the bucket if you have older kids (or adults with a kid’s meal appetite) is to use it as an organizer in your resort room to stash anything from trading pins to hair accessories.

What is your favorite entree at Restaurantosaurus?  Please let us know in a comment below!

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