Napa Rose Lounge

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Located in the Grand Californian Hotel in Disneyland California is the premier dining destination: Napa Rose.  A meal at Napa Rose is an extraordinary experience to say the least, but can also be quite an expensive endeavor. Besides the financial set back, some folks might not want to squander their time in the parks for an hours long Chef’s Counter dining adventure (silly people, dining is an attraction!). There is however, a solution to this quandary, and that is the Napa Rose Lounge.

Napa Rose Lounge Area


Beautiful Backlit Bar

Not every Disney resort hotel lounge uses the same kitchen as it’s flagship restaurant. For instance, the  lounge at Yachtsman Steakhouse in Walt Disney World the food is prepared in the Captain’s Grill kitchen. Not so at the Napa Rose. You can drop into to the lounge without the worry of making reservations and order right off the main menu! On this evening, my husband and I popped in for dessert and drinks. There were plenty of seats available at the bar, so we bellied up.

Napa Rose Bar Keep

The expert bartender was crafting some custom cocktails for some other (persnickety) patrons. We marveled at the skill and creativity of the mixologist, but we opted for a glass wine and a fine scotch whisky.

House Cabernet
Lagavulin 16

Having foolishly eaten dinner already, we only had room for dessert. We chose a seasonal Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Strawberry Gelato Ice Cream. Our server set our places with beautiful (possibly real?) silverware.

Gleaming Silverware

Our dessert was presented with the same care and flourish as it would have been served in the main dining room. It was served in an adorable copper pot on a linen lined plate.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Stopping into Napa Rose for a night cap and a sweet treat was the perfect way to end a great day in the parks. We received the same excellent service in the lounge as we did in the dining room on another occasion. If  you’re headed to Disneyland California, consider trying out Napa Rose Lounge. Without spending a ton of money  or time, you can get a taste (literally) of one of the best Disney dining experiences out there.




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