How to Get to the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

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The Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue is one of Disney World’s popular dinner shows that has been entertaining guests since 1974 at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground’s Pioneer Hall.  My family has enjoyed this show annually since we discovered it and can’t imagine a trip to the World without this experience.  Making your way to Ft. Wilderness and Pioneer Hall can be a bit of a challenge, especially since there are a number of ways to do it.  This article is intended to take some of the stress out of your planning so you can get to your show on time and without hassle!

Getting to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue


There are three main considerations when traveling to Pioneer Hall at Ft. Wilderness:  how much time you have to travel, your starting point (where you are coming from), and what kind of travel experience you want.


If you are going to Hoop Dee Doo, you should allot at least one hour for travel time no matter your method of transportation (perhaps a bit more if using Disney transportation exclusively).  Disney recommends 90 minutes in their official instructions.  Driving your own car does save a bit of time, though you must still rely on some Disney transportation to reach Pioneer Hall.  If your schedule allows it, I recommend taking Disney transportation by boat, even though it takes a bit more time, as the experience allows you to see many beautiful views of the Magic Kingdom resorts.

Staring Point

Take a look at your plans for the day of your dinner reservation.  Figure out where you will be 90 minutes before your check-in time at Pioneer Hall and follow the instructions from there.

  • Off Property: If you are coming from off site, your best bet is to drive directly to Ft. Wilderness.
  • One of the theme parks or Disney Springs: If you are coming from Magic Kingdom, take the ferry from the boat launch area.  From all other theme parks, take a bus to either Magic Kingdom (then take the ferry) or the Transportation and Ticket Center (then take a bus to Ft. Wilderness).
  • Wilderness Lodge or the Contemporary Resort: Coming from one of these resorts, your fastest option is to take your resort’s boat that visits Wilderness Lodge, the Contemporary, and Ft. Wilderness.  (Wilderness Lodge guests could also opt to take the walking trail to Ft. Wilderness.)
  • The Polynesian or Grand Floridian: Coming from one of these resorts, you should take the Resort Monorail to either the Contemporary or Magic Kingdom, then go to the boat launch and take the boat that visits Ft. Wilderness.  (Polynesian guests could also walk to the Transportation and Ticket Center and hop on a Ft. Wilderness bus.)
  • Ft. Wilderness: Take the internal bus system to Pioneer Hall.
  • All other Disney Resorts: Coming from any non-Magic Kingdom area resort, take your resort’s bus to the Magic Kingdom, then go to the boat launch to Ft. Wilderness.

Travel Experience

At Walt Disney World, traveling between parks and resorts can be a great part of your experience (or a headache, depending on your perspective). Consider the following travel modes and follow the one that suits your interest (with respect to your time and starting point):

  • Car/Bus: If you have your own car, you can take your car to Ft. Wilderness, then take the internal bus system at Ft. Wilderness to Pioneer Hall.
  • Boat: For the most exciting experience with great views from Bay Lake, take the boat from Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resort, or Wilderness Lodge.
  • Bus only: This is probably the least exciting way to get there, but it is an option if you don’t have a car and you don’t want to take a boat.  It also takes the most time if you are staying at a non-Magic Kingdom resort.  (Example:  If you are staying at Pop Century, you would have to take a bus from Pop to Magic Kingdom or another theme park, then transfer to the bus that goes to Ft. Wilderness, then take the internal bus at Ft. Wilderness.  That’s three different buses!)

OK, so now what?

So you’ve considered all your options, know where you are coming from, and know how much time to allot.  Now you have to put your plans into action.  Follow the steps below.


If you are driving, follow the signs to Magic Kingdom resorts.  Take the rightmost lane at the Magic Kingdom entrance, telling the parking attendant that you have a reservation at Hoop Dee Doo at Ft. Wilderness, then follow the signs to Ft. Wilderness.  Once settled in the parking lot, make your way to the Outpost Depot nearby and hop on any one of the internal buses (labeled Orange, Purple, and Yellow).  Each one takes a different route through the campground, but all of them end at the Settlement Depot, which is very near Pioneer Hall.


Take a bus to the Magic Kingdom (from any Disney resort or theme parks) or the Transportation and Ticket Center (from the theme parks).  When you reach Magic Kingdom, walk toward the park entrance from the bus depot but stay to the left and find the boat launch sign to Ft. Wilderness.  If you opt for the TTC, transfer to a Ft. Wilderness bus.

Outpost Depot

Outpost Depot at Ft. Wilderness


Take the Disney resort boat launch from Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary, or Wilderness Lodge to Ft. Wilderness.  Upon exiting the boat, walk just a bit up the path and you will see Pioneer Hall.

If you’ve given yourself plenty of time, you should arrive early.  Take some time to enjoy the beach area or visiting the Settlement Outpost store.  Take in the sights of Ft. Wilderness.  Enjoy some relaxation time before the show begins.

Ft. Wilderness Beach

Enjoy the beach area at Ft. Wilderness before or after the show.

Getting Home

Don’t forget you have to get back to your accommodations after the show.  (Considering you may be imbibing in all that unlimited beer, wine, and sangria, you might want to have a plan in your mind!)  Upon exit of Pioneer Hall, go to the right to get back on the internal buses (which will take you to the Outpost Depot, where you can get to your own car or to a Disney theme park).  Or head to the left to get to the boat launch to take you to Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary, or Wilderness Lodge.  If it’s raining and the boats aren’t running, Disney will provide buses.  This happened to us in a big thunderstorm, so we know it to be true!

Enjoy your time at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue!  Yahoo!


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