Foodie Friday: Halloween Horror Nights Dining

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Halloween Horror Nights is HERE!!! The incredible scary event that happens yearly at Universal Studios Florida is back again and this year, the terror is at an Eleven. (Get it?! I made a Stranger Things joke because Stranger Things is one of the houses this year! I crack myself up!)

This year the event features a record 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, and the Academy of Villains show. Now, I’ll fully admit that I’m a chicken. I do not enjoy going through the haunted houses. They, plain and simple, terrify me. However, I still enjoy visiting Universal Orlando Resort during this incredibly scary time of year. Why? Well, I do enjoy people watching. It is highly entertaining watching other people getting the bejebus scared out of them. And the good thing is that in the scare zones, while the Team Members do jump at you, if I keep my eye on them, I can usually keep them from scaring me too badly. There’s something incredibly fun about the atmosphere, in general.

Also, many of the attractions are open, so in between my traveling companions getting the pants scared off of them, I enjoy getting to experience Universal’s rides, with minimal waits! (Everyone else in waiting in line for the houses!)

However, one of the other things that I enjoy visiting Halloween Horror Nights for is the unique food options! Yep, you knew that food would be mentioned…it is Foodie Friday, after all. There are some truly spectacular dishes that come out specifically for Halloween Horror Nights and they are incredibly delicious!

First, let’s start with a look at the Funnel Cake Puffs! These are doughy balls that are coated in powdered sugar and covered with your choice of topping. I went with chocolate sauce, because how can you go wrong with chocolate sauce?

This is a treat you are GOING to want to share! The puffs are very doughy and they are plentiful! We split this dish between four of us and we didn’t finish all the puffs! You are going to want to make sure you split this with your group.

Something you aren’t going to want to split? The Twisted Taters! What are they? They are spiral potatoes, that sort of resemble potato chips. They are covered in your choice of seasoning – Sour Cream & Chive, Garlic Butter, Seasoned Salt or Salt & Vinegar. I’m a fan of both butter and garlic, so that’s the option I chose! Oh and let me tell you, they sprinkle a liberal amount of seasoning on these taters! And they are HEAVENLY! I did not want to share this with the rest of my party and this year, when I’m down for the event again, everybody is getting their own tater! No sharing!

One thing I really want to try this year that I didn’t have the opportunity to sample are the Pizza Fries. These are, like they sound. Crinkle fries, topped with marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. Seriously… could things get better? Again, I feel like this is a dish you’re going to want to share.

This year, there is a ton of items that are also themed around Stranger Things, since that house is one of the premiere houses for the year. Guests can choose from things like 11 Mini Doughnuts, lots of waffle creations and more.

Of course, liquid courage is also available for those who many need a little help getting you through the haunted houses and this year, there are some fantastic choices for Guests to choose from too.

But, if you’re looking for the ultimate scary experience, consider partaking in the Halloween Horror Nights Scareactor Dining Experience. Occuring every event night at Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe, Guests can enjoy an all-you-care-to-eat themed dinner buffet with a special menu. Plus, you might run into some of this year’s most popular scareactors. The cost is $49.95 per person, plus tax. To reserve your seating call 407-224-7840.

Halloween Horror Nights really does have some fantastic and unique dining opportunities for Guests to enjoy and I know each year, I look forward to trying them out. Stopping for a snack is a great way to take a well-needed break from all the scares!

Curious about what to expect when visiting Halloween Horror Nights? Take a look at this video.


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