Foodie Friday: Dining at Flying Fish

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One of the restaurants that seemingly flies under the radar at the Walt Disney World Resort, but is loved by those who actually visit is Flying Fish. This Disney’s BoardWalk Resort restaurant can be found on the actual boardwalk and from the outside, the restaurant doesn’t necessarily scream elegant. That is until you step inside. Then you truly see what an upscale restaurant Flying Fish truly is.

Flying Fish

This restaurant is definitely one you want to consider for a date night. (Matter of fact, we actually saw a couple get engaged here on our visit.) While kids aren’t forbidden from eating here, this is probably a place where you wouldn’t see too many.

Gorgeous chandelier at Flying Fish

Flying Fish actually reminds me of what one would consider an elegant steakhouse, however instead of serving steaks almost exclusively, the restaurant features a predominantly seafood menu. (However there are definitely other options besides only seafood on the menu available.) The menu offers high end dishes

I, of course, wanted to enjoy the full seafood experience, so I made sure to get a dish that included seafood. I went with the Hokkaido Scallops which are served with Antebellum Grits, Sweet Corn, Peppadew Emulsion.

The scallops were cooked to perfection. They were tender and delicious with a great sear.  For the price, I would have like to have been served one extra scallop, but that’s a small request. The grits were creamy, however there was one small problem with the sweet corn.

I was unaware that the corn would be mixed with cilantro. I am one of those who cilantro tastes funny for. The cilantro was heavily mixed in with the corn, which ended up mixing in with the grits are I ate the dish. It was actually a little hard to avoid. No where in the menu description was it listed that there was cilantro in this dish, otherwise I would have ordered it without. Again, a smaller thing, but I can never understand a restaurant’s fascination with cilantro without telling diners that it’s in their food. Especially when it’s so off-putting for a large number of us.

Overall, I liked the scallops, but certainly would have amended my order, knowing what I know now.

Now, with an exquisite experience like this, pricing is definitely on the higher end of things.  Keep that in mind, as this is considered to be a Signature dining restaurant and is two table service credits for those on the Disney Dining Plan.

Flying Fish was a great option though and certainly somewhere I will consider dining at again, especially when looking for a nice evening.

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