The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail 2018

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The Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs 2018

Disney Springs Marketplace Christmas Tree Trail

Located in Disney Springs Marketplace, the 2018 Christmas Tree Trail is a must see! The trail is open 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily until January 6th, but it really best seen from dusk to close. Each tree is decorated for a movie, ride or general Disney theme. The trail, as well as Disney Springs, can get very busy on Friday and Saturday nights, but I don’t think that should scare you away. I visited on a very busy Saturday night and I was still able to enjoy the trail, get pictures of the trees without people in them and really take in the decorations on each tree.

Before you even enter the trail there is a large beautiful tree right outside the Earl of Sandwich.


Entry tree

Christmas Trees Galore


The first tree of the trail features all of the shops and restaurants of Disney Springs


First tree of the trail


With the fence welcoming you to the trail


Tree Trail Adventure


Mickey and Minnie have a tree dedicated just to them. They did just celebrate their 90th birthday, so I think they have earned this tree!


Christmas tree themed to Mickey and Minnie


Mickey’s best friend Pluto is celebrated with his own tree full of toys and treats!


Mickey's best pal Pluto has a tree


The Beauty and the Beast tree features a rose at the top with yellow accents for Belle’s ball gown.


Christmas tree themed to Beauty and the Beast


The Princess and the Frog tree is one I could see having in my own home. The theme is very subtle and the flower decorations are beautiful.


Christmas tree themed to the Princess and the Frog


The Little Mermaid tree is topped with a huge trident, and dingle hoppers can be found throughout the tree.


Christmas tree themed to The Little Mermaid

I have always loved the artwork in Sleeping Beauty, so I was very excited to see a tree themed to this movie


Christmas tree themed to Sleeping Beauty


I really love the spinning wheel placed in the middle of the tree


Details in Sleeping Beauty tree

The Frozen tree is very blue with carrots throughout. This one seems to be a popular picture stop!


Christmas tree themed to Frozen


The Mulan tree has beautiful cherry blossoms flowing down the side.


Christmas tree themed to Mulan


Snow White‘s tree features a magic mirror, poison apples and gems. It is even topped with some of the seven dwarfs’ mining gear!


Christmas tree themed to Snow White


The Haunted Mansion tree is one of the most ornate trees on the trail. There is no questioning the theme, and it is nice to see a tree dedicated to an attraction!


Christmas tree themed to The Haunted Mansion


Around this time I thought the trail was almost done, but I was very wrong. I was only about 1/3 of the way through the trail! Next is Pinocchio, with his trademark hat and growing nose.


Christmas tree themed to Pinocchio


The 101 Dalmatians Christmas tree is decorated in Kanine Krunchies and a lovely red gloved hand protrudes from the top


Christmas tree themed to 101 Dalmatians


Pumpkins and clocks are the main decoration used on the Cinderella tree, and a beautiful glass slipper is the tree topper.


Christmas tree themed to Cinderella


With horns, tentacles and spell books, the Villain tree was next.


Christmas tree themed to the Disney villains


The live action Dumbo will be released next year, so I was pretty excited to see this tree!


Christmas tree themed to Dumbo


The Star Wars tree is mostly jawas, but the lightsaber on top is a nice touch.


Christmas tree themed to Star Wars


Robin Hood is very under represented in the parks, so it was fun to see a tree themed to the much forgotten movie.


Christmas tree themed to Robin Hood


The Tangled tree is almost as beautiful as the Rapunzel tower bathroom in the Magic Kingdom.


Christmas tree themed to Tangled


Of course there is a frying pan…


Rapunzel's weapon of choice, the frying pan


Wendy, John, Michael, Peter and Tinkerbell are all represented on the Peter Pan tree. There seems to be a pixie dust trail running through the tree as well.


Christmas tree themed to Peter Pan


The Jungle Book tree seems to have a lot of fruit through out.


Christmas tree themed to The Jungle Book


Loving the fun humor of The Muppets found in their tree.


Christmas tree themed to The Muppets


Mary Poppins Returns will be released in theaters right before Christmas, which means they have to have a tree to celebrate the original! Love the parrot umbrella and the taped kite near the top.


Christmas tree themed to Mary Poppins


Teacups, clock and cards adorn the Alice in Wonderland tree.


Christmas tree themed to Alice and Wonderland


The Fantasia tree does a great job of incorporating all of the movie’s vignettes through out the tree.


Christmas tree themed to Fantasia


The Angel Kitty atop the Toy Story tree is purrfect, and you can find the same alien ornaments on the tree that are seen in Hollywood Studios.


Christmas tree themed to Toy Story


The final tree of the trail is themed to Walt Disney World Resort as a whole. With nods to all 4 parks and working monorails, this is my favorite tree!


Christmas tree themed to Walt Disney World Resort

The extras

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail also has a Santa meet and greet near the middle. There is often a very long wait to visit Santa, but Disney Springs has this covered. Check in at the beginning of the trail and you will be texted when it is your turn to meet the Jolly old elf!

The trail also includes a snack stop and shopping area. Many of the ornaments featured in the trees can be found at the small shop. I also spent a lot of time checking out the extra decorations along the fence on the trail. These are clever advertisements themed to the trees.

Clever signs along the Christmas tree trail

And then of course there is the snow! Every couple of minutes it snows in several sections of the trail. This makes the trees even more magical and enjoyable!

Snow at Disney Springs

Disney Springs did a great job this year and the Christmas Tree Trail is not to be missed during the Christmas season!

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