Creating Disney Magic at Home

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Disney Magic at Home

Pandemic or not, Disney fans miss the parks and that Disney Magic when they’re at home.

Walt Disney World has been closed since mid-March due to COVID-1 and even though Florida is in the early stages of reopening and WDW has announced the parks would be reopening in July, your next trip might not be as soon as you’d like it to be.

It’s called the Disney Blues and we all get it whether it’s been years or a several weeks since our last trip.

But with a little creativity (and suspension of disbelief) you can add a little pixie dust to home base.

Mousekeeping at Home

Disney Soaps
We may never reach the standards of mousekeeping at home, but there are a couple of ways to trick the senses. First, a lot of you probably have a stash of Disney soaps and shampoo. Here’s your chance to use it. The smell alone will take you back. And if you don’t have a stash, you can purchase products on The H20+ products have just a bit of a following. If you want to be extra, you can even do some towel art, there’s plenty of tutorials on Pinterest.

Eat Like it’s Free Dining

Snacking like a Disney fan in three words: Mickey. Shaped. Everything.

You can find Mickey bars and various Disney-packaged treats at grocery stores, not to mention recipes. And online, you can find the Mickey waffle maker — a must for any Disney fan. There’s the fancy one on the Shop Disney site, or a less expensive version at Target, which is what I have. It does the trick! You can also dig into your stash of popcorn buckets and jugs from the parks (the ones you just HAD to have) to add some flare to your everyday nosh.

mickey waffles


Let the Games Begin

There are plenty of Disney-themed board games and puzzles to occupy your time, but if you don’t have Toy Story Mania, you may need to change that. The game has all of the same levels from Midway Mania as well as original levels based on the film’s characters. It’s darn near close to the attraction without the long wait time. You can download it and play it on desktop or look for used hard copies for Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Screen Time
Yes, Disney+ has been a saving grace for most of us during quarantine. But if you really want to feel like you’re at the parks, you must watch the Must Do Disney with host Stacey Aswad. You can find the most current resort TV loops on YouTube. Leave it on in the backyard while you get ready…just like you would at Walt Disney World! Country Bears Jug

Plan Your Next Trip

No matter how far in the future, knowing you’ll be back to Disney is the only antidote for the blues. Whether that’s listening to trip planning podcasts and making your own Must Do lists or putting that down payment on your trip. In the meantime, stay well and find Disney magic however you can.

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