How to become a Disney Historian

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How to become a Disney Historian

I’m a Disney Historian. Guess what? You can become one, too!

This little known activity – which doesn’t cost any extra – is a fun way to journey through one of Hollywood Studios’ most underrated attractions. Walt Disney Presents is a self-guided historical tour through Walt’s early life and more. The tour ends with the short movie “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream.” The attraction is located at the end of the Animation Courtyard area, right before the turn to Toy Story Land.

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream Toy Story Land model
When we visited the gallery in 2017, we saw this model of the future Toy Story Land.

It’s truly a treasure trove of  more than 100 years Walt Disney memorabilia and history. You can see an actual desk Walt worked at, as well as early cameras used to make classic Disney favorites.

Many people bypass it for more exciting options like Slinky Dog Dash. Others breeze through without looking at much just to get to the character meet and greet located at the end. (On our recent trip, Mike and Sulley were greeting guests. Previously, we’ve met Star Lord and baby Groot there.)

However, for those willing to slow down, there is a little extra magic to be had here. You can become a Disney Historian by answering just three little questions. Future Disney Historians can find the answers within the exhibit.

All you need to do is ask the Cast Member at the entrance of the attraction. He or she will be happy to provide you with a question sheet and pencil.

Disney Historian questions
My questions.

My daughter and I did this on a recent visit and had a lot of fun searching for the answers. We each had different questions on our sheets, but it wasn’t too difficult to find the answers. If you’ve done a little Disney research, you might even know some of them already. It’s not a huge secret, after all, that Walt modeled Main Street U.S.A. after his boyhood hometown of Marceline, Missouri.

Disney Historian questions
My daughter’s questions. She had to search a bit to find the Oscar one!

After you answer all three questions, present your answer sheet to a Cast Member at the end. He or she will check your answers, and if you have them all correct, present you with a Magical Moment certificate. The Cast Member will fill in your name and date. And now you know how to become a Disney Historian!

Magical Moments certificate
My daughter’s certificate!

Finally, you get to sign your name in a special memory book and note that you became a Disney Historian on that day. So cool! The Cast Member told us that we can always ask to see the book and look for our names. At the end, you also get to keep your quiz sheet as a souvenir.

Magial Moments certificate
My certificate!


Is this as thrilling as dropping 13 stories on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror? No, but it’s a pretty cool keepsake and fun memory from the trip.

Walt Disney quote
Don’t forget to turn your quiz sheet over to read the quote on the back.

If nothing else, it’s a nice break from the heat and a chance to learn a bit more about the man behind the mouse.

Walt Disney quote
Love these quotes from Walt!


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