Aladdin Inspired Cave of Wonders Fort!

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Hello everyone! Today we have a fun Aladdin inspired family activity for you – building a Cave of Wonders box fort! This is a great activity for you to do on a rainy day or before a movie night!

The Cave of Wonders is one of the highlights of animation in this film!

There’s a few things you will need to make this activity happen:

  • Boxes – We stock up on Amazon boxes for our crafts!
  • Scissors or a box knife (or both!)
  • Tape – we used duct tape and packing tape
  • Lights – Christmas lights would work great for this! Otherwise any battery lights that will stick through the cardboard will work. Don’t forget the batteries if you go with battery operated lights!
  • A screwdriver – we used the screwdriver to easily make holes in the cardboard to stick the lights through.
  • A blanket (or two) – blue if you have it to match the color of the original Cave of Wonders!
All our materials!


Someone’s ready to start building!

Here’s how we made our cave!

Building the structure: We took a couple of boxes that were similar sized and opened them up by cutting one corner of the box.

Our box is opened!

We folded the flaps of one of the boxes so that it would allow the box to sit on the floor unaided…you are essentially forming the base of the cave!

We folded the flaps on the bottom to create a good base!

Then, my husband cut some slits in the other flaps of the boxes and overlapped one flap into the slit of the second flap. Then he taped that joint. It added some stability to the cave, especially since we have super young kids who are not gentle with things.

Heres what our joints looked like! You cut slits into the flaps and then slide them into each other to make it stronger! Then add tape!


Adding tape to the joints!

From there we added a “roof” by arching a box over the entrance of the cave. We used a smaller box to cover the hole in the back, using the same slit technique to get the boxes to stay together. It’s not going to fit perfect and that’s ok. Your boxes are going to be covered at the end so don’t worry about making it perfect!

Our “roof” going on!


Working hard or hardly working???

Lighting the cave: Once your shape is constructed out of the boxes, it’s time to add lights! Poke holes into your cardboard to add the lights. Be sure you add the holes close enough where your lights will reach in between each other!

Dad’s job was to add the hole and our toddler put the lights in after him!


Learning about team work!

When we finished, we turned the lights on and covered the outside with blankets! Our toddler was so excited she immediately “moved in!”

All done!


Moved in and ready for movie time!

If you do this with you and your family, be sure to share your pictures with us!

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Sharing is caring!

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