Christmas in July: The 2019 Disney Hallmark Ornaments

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Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

While Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party doesn’t (yet) have any events in July, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some Disney Christmas in July. As you might have seen in previous years, I love Christmas as a whole, and specifically Christmas ornaments. Naturally, I can’t go on a Disney trip without checking out the Christmas stores and coming home with at least one, but I also help feed my dueling addictions through Hallmark and their great selection of Disney ornaments.

As anyone trying to find regular programming on the Hallmark Channel this month will tell you, Hallmark themselves likes to celebrate Christmas in July, and each year this includes the official premiere of that year’s ornaments. As is customary, I went down on the first day to check out the great selection of Disney ornaments this year.

Disney Hallmark Ornaments

As has been the case recently, there is a great selection of Disney, and Disney-adjacent ornaments. Below I break them down loosely by category.

Mickey and Friends

We all know that it started with a Mouse, so that’s where I will start. Mickey is never hard to find in ornament form, and this year is no exception.

Old Mickey

As you might be able to see, this first one is the 8th in a series of ornaments honoring Mickey’s origins, and is another fun one from that series. Keeping that “old-school” theme, you can also find this Mickey record player.

Mickey record player

If you are the type of person who likes to have an ornament each year that boldly states the year, and you love Mickey Mouse, well this year you are in luck.

Mickey 2019

Finally, for the last of the solo Mickey ornaments, one of my favorites of the year is this tiny Mickey nutcracker.

Mickey mini Nutcracker

Moving past Mickey by himself, this year also has a super cute Minnie ornament, showing off her baking prowess.

Minnie cookies

In the rest of the Fab 5, one super cute ornament this year features Donald and his Nephews, probably in no small part due to the wonderful new DuckTales show.

Donald and Nephews

While this last ornament isn’t quite Mickey, it is definitely very closely related and inspired by him, and it lights up “magically.”

Sorcerer's Apprentice

One note here, which will hold true in other categories as well, is that while the bulk of the ornaments are released in July each year, Hallmark has also started doing later releases of some of the ornaments, especially some limited edition ones. For the Mickey and Friends category, this includes Mickey and Minnie by the campfire and in a Tea Cup, Pluto in the circus, and a few others. Most of these should be released by early October.

Other Disney Characters

While the Fab 5 are fabulous for a reason, Disney has so many other beloved characters directly from their films that this category is bound to have something for everyone.

First, the Princesses, and this year, that kind of means almost all of them.

Disney Princesses

So, as you might guess, this isn’t actually an ornament, but is a super intricate tabletop decoration featuring light, sound, movement and more of several of your favorite princesses.

For the ornaments themselves, we have a couple Cinderella ornaments this year, the second of which also moves and plays music.


Cinderella Castle

Cinderella mini ornaments

Jumping forward to some more recent favorites, we have Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine with Aladdin.

Ariel Ornament


Jasmine and Aladdin

And while she insists she is not a princess, here is baby Moana.


Moving on from princesses, Hallmark has a wide range of other Disney characters. Going back almost to the beginning, there are two Dumbo ornaments this year, one with Timothy Mouse, and one (that is very similar to one from last year) with his mom.


Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo

On the theme of classic characters, they also have Tinker Bell, Lady and the Tramp, and one of my other favorites this year, Mary Poppins.

Tinker Bell

Lady and the Tramp

Mary Poppins

And there is even more – we have a super cute Chip and Dale ornament, Mrs. Potts with Chip, Stitch, Flash, Winnie the Pooh times two, and a great Eeyore with will be ending up at my house.

Chip and Dale

Mrs. Potts and Chip ornaments


Flash Ornament

Winnie the Pooh

First Christmas Ornament

Eeyore ornament


Rounding out the Disney characters, there is a memorable moment from Hakuna Matata, and, of course, Olaf.

Hakuna Matata Ornament


Later this year, among others, look out for a super cute Marie ornament and a limited edition Cruella.

Pixar, the Muppets, Marvel, and More

As Disney has collected companies, we can consider more and more of our favorites to be Disney-connected somehow, and Hallmark has the ornaments to fill that need. First, Pixar – and while there are some logical choices this year (Woody, Bo Peep, and Forky), there are also several wonderful Pixar characters you wouldn’t think of at first, including Nemo and Dory, Mike, Bing Bong, and (adorably) Jack Jack.


Woody and Bo Peep

Forky Ornament

Nemo and Dory Ornaments

Bing Bong

Jack Jack Pixar Ornaments


Marvel only has a few this year, but you will love them 3000 if you enjoy Iron Man and Thanos.

Marvel Ornaments Iron Man

Marvel Ornaments Thanos

Marvel Ornaments Infinity Gauntlet

Hallmark traditionally has some Muppet representation, and while it is only one Kermit this year, it is a different take than they have done recently.


In this overall category, the other main offerings are several from the Nightmare Before Christmas, including one of the best Jack Skellingtons they have had (check out another coming out later this year).

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Jack Skellington

Also later this year, watch out for a commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Up, and Ducky and Bunny.

Star Wars

Star Wars Ornaments

Star Wars is having a bit of a year this year. Between Galaxy’s Edge opening and the end of the Skywalker Saga, there is enough for any Star Wars fan to be excited about.

Ornament wise, there is a whole fleet of ships, complete with special commemorative wreath.

Star Wars Ornaments Tie Fighter

Star Wars Ornaments Death Star

Star Wars Ornaments Darth Ship

Star Wars Ornaments

Star Wars Ornaments X Wing

As in the past, these ships are rather large, so just make sure you have some space.

On the character front, you can find Boba Fett’s head, Luke, and a Storm Trooper on a speeder bike.

Boba Fett

Luke Ornament

Star Wars Ornament

Harry Potter

So if you happen to be in line for Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure and think “I could use a bunch of Harry Potter things for my Christmas tree,” then today is your lucky day.

Okay, okay. I know it isn’t Disney, but as a theme park fan, who has finally visited the Wizarding World in the past year, I have to include the Harry Potter selections.

Harry Potter Ornaments

This year, Harry Potter gets the nod for the “storytellers” collection, which features ornaments that talk to and interact with each other, also including a rather impressive Hogwarts Tree Topper.

Harry Potter Ornaments

Hogwarts Tree Topper

Lastly, there is a light up Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to make anyone’s day a little better.

Weasley Ornament

That’s most of it for now, but as I mentioned, there will be several released as we get closer to Christmas, so keep your eyes open.

It may be hot and humid, but a wise Muppet once said “Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas.” Merry Christmas!

Do you collect the Hallmark holiday ornaments? Which one from this year’s collection is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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