What Happens When a FastPass+ Attraction Goes Down and It’s Your Turn to Ride?

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FastPass+ for when Your Attraction is Closed



You have made all your FastPass+ reservations but when you go to your attraction, it is down.  There are various reasons why an attraction goes down.  Some of these include weather, especially during thunderstorms for outdoor attractions, misbehavior by riders, or technical malfunctions within the ride.

Regardless of the reason, what happens now?

What will this look like?

Within the My Disney Experience app, your FastPass+ reservation will change.

Closed Attraction FastPass+
Closed Attraction FastPass+



In this case, my Test Track FastPass+ has now changed to a Multiple Experiences FastPass+.  Just what does “Multiple Experiences” mean?

What is a Multiple Experiences FastPass+?

A Multiple Experiences FastPass+ is a FastPass+ that will allow you to do just what the name implies- experience one of the attractions on a list of multiple attractions.  It is also referred to as an “Anytime FastPass+”.  Which attractions are eligible?  The list available includes every attraction at EPCOT except Frozen Ever After.

Multiple Experience Attractions | Multiple Experiences fastpass



What this means is that I would able to use my Multiple Experiences FastPass+ to ride any of these attractions- including the attraction that was closed during my FastPass+ window at any time throughout the rest of the day.

How do I use this FastPass+?

In my case, since Test Track was closed, I would be able to use my Multiple Experiences FastPass+ simply by tapping my MagicBand or RFID Theme Park Ticket at the FastPass entrance of any attraction on the list of options.  I do not have to do anything within the My Disney Experience app or let any of the Cast Members know that I am using a Multiple Experience FastPass.

Note that the list of attractions that I can visit includes the previously closed attraction of Test Track.  So I could simply wait until Test Track reopens, and then use my Multiple Experience FastPass+ to ride.  Or if I would like, I can go to any attraction of my choosing from the list.

Are there any restrictions?

First of all, it is important to note that you need to pay attention to what attractions are listed for your Multiple Experiences FastPass.  This will vary by the attraction your original FastPass was for, the theme park you were in, and for how long the FastPass is good for.  In most cases, the Multiple Experience FastPass+ is good only for that day.  Secondly, this FastPass is not something that you can modify or reschedule.

Overall, these FastPasses are the easy to use and will let you enjoy an attraction of your choosing.

And however you decide to use this Multiple Experiences FastPass+, have fun!

Do you have any questions for using the Multiple Experience FastPass or for what happens when a ride goes down and your FastPass+ time has arrived? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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