You Might Be a WDW Fan If….

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by Ann Dunnington

Considering that I have 1 year, 2 months, 1 week, and 5 days until my next Walt Disney World Vacation (but who’s counting?), I have to spend my days with some sort of planning and Disney fun to fill the time.  To pay homage to Jeff Foxworthy, “You might be a(n obsessed) WDW fan if…”

  1. No one asks you where you’re going on vacation anymore.  They just assume…
  2. You see Hidden Mickey’severywhere…

  3. You say “nice work, pal” whenever your child does something correctly.
  4. You go shopping to buy, or at least take the time to smell, products that the MFL Boards posters say smell like Norway, The Swan and Dolphin, the Main Street Bakery, etc.  …and agree, and make your significant other or child smell it too.
  5. You pick mini-M&M’s containers out of the trash to save for your pennies and quarters.
  6. You make Mickey-shaped pancakes on the weekend, just because.
  7. You have an endless supply of bandages, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, overly-large pens, batteries, moleskin, granola bars, sunglasses, mister fans….
  8. When you get a new pair of tennis shoes, you immediately work on breaking them in.
  9. You have seen the backside of water.
  10. You “miss the old Stacey”.
  11. The Star Tunnel loop or Living with the Land audio is your nighttime lullaby.
  12. You have a room in your house decorated like a Disney hotel room.
  13. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, you still get teary watching Illuminations, Wishes, or the rope drop ceremony at any park.
  14. You know what these are, where they were purchased, and how much they cost:
  15. You know what MVMCP, MNSSHP, BTMRR, and MSEP stand for.
  16. You cringe when you hear someone on Disney property say “We’re going to Disney World today!” when they really mean that they’re going to the Magic Kingdom.
  17. You know the difference between the TTA and the TTC.
  18. You hum The Twilight Zone theme whenever you get on an elevator.
  19. Your coworkers come to you for Disney planning advice more than they come to you for work-related issues.
  20. You know where to find a ’71 Impala on property.
  21. You can say “please stand clear of the doors”, and “please keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle, and please watch your children” in Spanish, but that’s the only Spanish you know.
  22. Your family did this too:
  23. You know who “Dara, Toby, Kris, and Richie”, “Daniel, Chris, Aubrey and Kelly”, “Adam”, “Charles and Alli”, and “Phil, Emma and Ben” are, and they feel like family to you.
  24. You know where every ride, character spot, restroom, restaurant, guest relations, first aid, stroller parking, and snack cart are in each park, and can navigate them with your eyes closed.
  25. If you have an ipod or computer nearby, it’s guaranteed to be playing some sort of park audio loop.
  26. You have a hidden mickey in your house somewhere.
  27. You know to wear a hard-hat around the Tree of Life, or a leisure suit on Expedition Everest.
  28. You WERE the first to “pass this vay”, and have the helmet with the horns to prove it.
  29. You yell “To the Forum!” whenever you get into a car.
  30. You have more Disney friends on Facebook than you do from high school or college …combined.

If your trip is tomorrow, or a year from tomorrow, there’s always time for some Disney fan fun.  So until next time, “look out for the Dinosaur!”.

So what is it that makes you think You might be a(n obsessed) WDW fan if…”  Make sure to let us know on our TheMouseForLess page or share with our Twitter feed!







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