WiFi at Magic Kingdom: A Welcome Addition or an Unnecessary Distraction?

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Have you heard the latest Disney news? Magic Kingdom has begun offering free Wi-Fi to all of its visitors. Being one of the few without a smart phone, I find this magical report particularly exciting for those of us who own an iPod Touch. Moreover, even smart phone owners are likely to share in my joy considering the current network coverage does not always perform well.

I enthusiastically anticipate preparing for my next trip by downloading the latest apps giving current wait times on attractions, displaying transportation and park maps, and sharing various Disney tidbits and trivia. I eagerly envision snapping lots of photos of our family’s fun times and instantly sharing them with all of my family and friends in the facebook world.

However, I also foresee myself checking emails upon notification, scanning facebook statuses while making sure my pictures upload, and perhaps even reading a news story from FoxNews.com. And suddenly, one of the reasons I love a vacation – and particularly an “out-of-this-world and into Walt Disney World” vacation – has vanished.

I relish our Disney vacations because, in large part, they feel like a temporary escape from all of the pressures, work, struggles, and distractions that occur in “real life”. Furthermore, I don’t care to know the most recent world news or what my friends are doing during my vacation. I like being out of the loop and caught up only in Mickey’s World! I want to forget about everything else, stay out of touch for the week, and just have fun with my family.

Individual guests (and perhaps their traveling companions) must choose for themselves if Wi-Fi at Magic Kingdom is a welcome addition or an unnecessary distraction. Without a doubt, there are both pros and cons to internet access on a vacation.

Our next trip to Magic Kingdom is likely over a year away, so I have plenty of time to decide. Can I appreciate and enjoy the perks of Wi-Fi, such as sharing pictures and having those helpful Disney apps handy, while resisting the lure of breaking news, facebook status updates, and not-so-important emails that pull my attention away from this enchanting vacation world?

I have had spectacular vacations over the years without internet entertainment, helpful apps, and current wait times for rides. I have never missed social updates while at Disney World, and I prefer sharing all of my photos after I return from my trip. Furthermore, those clever apps will be a delightful diversion to satisfy my Disney longings between trips. So I think I’ll choose to live in a past decade, forget the iPod, and simply enjoy Magic Kingdom, my favorite Disney park, like I always have!

Ready for a fun day with family at the Magic Kingdom!


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