Why Pop is Tops: My Reasons for Choosing Pop Century

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I’ve stayed in a couple of Disney and a couple off-site resorts over the years and we keep coming back to Pop Century. Today I’m going to explain our love affair with this value resort to you.

  1. Price It is a value resort. I don’t spend a great deal of time at my resort so paying a lot of money doesn’t make sense to me. Besides the less I pay per day, the more days I am able to spend. It seems like a fair trade off to me considering that when you are talking Disney value, you still get quality. I will admit it’s just my husband and me, and for medical reasons we get a king-size bed so the room seems fine. Maybe if I had two kids in a room with two queens I’d feel differently. This works great for us.
  2. .Size Pop Century is a large resort but that doesn’t have to be a negative if you plan your room request well. We have always had very good luck ending up centrally located yet not in a loud area. I love that there are three pools to choose from. The main building seems to go on and on forever. We never seem to find the time to walk the entire grounds but what we’ve seen is beautiful.
  3. Buses I love that Pop Century has it’s own dedicated route of buses. We’ve traveled to other resorts to eat and couldn’t get over how many stops and starts there are. Not on the Pop Century bus. It may sometimes get crowded but it always gets you right to where you’re going. I appreciate that and it’s why I won’t even consider the other value resorts. The only improvement they could make here is adding a few more buses during peak times like the 4th of July.
  4. Everything Pop Food Court Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or LATE dinner this place has a lot to offer. There are several stations from which you can choose to order. There is also a case filled with fresh goodies, some of them good for you some of them just good. The Disney dining plan may but does not have to be used here. I see a lot of refillable mugs sold here. I personally forget mine in the room a lot. At least next trip I’ll get one with my deluxe dining planand not have to pay extra for it!I have attached the Pop Century menus that are found at the Mouse for Less website: Breakfast Menu and Lunch/Dinner
  5. Theming A different look for each decade with Disney all rolled in is how I describe Pop Century:

    – 50’s Lady and the Tramp, Bowling Pin Pool, Juke Box,45 records, transistor radios
    – 60’s Yo-yo, Baloo and Mowgli, Play-do, Hippy-Dippy-Pool
    – 70’s 8-Track, Twister Board, Foosball, Big Wheel, Mickey Phone, Moody Ring, Mr. & Mrs. Potatohead, Goofy Play Area
    – 80’s Rubik’s Cube, PacMan, Computer Pool, Walkman, Roger Rabbit, Mr & Mrs. Potatohead
    – 90’s Computer Disk, Cell Phone, Computer Pool

    I tend to prefer the 70’s as it has a great location- close to Classic Hall (the main building), busing, pools, laundry, and everything else I need. I also has my FAVORITE theming. I mean who can resist the Mickey phone and the Big Wheels is to die for up close and personal! Remember when making your initial reservation, you can put in a request and they will do their best to accommodate you if possible.

  6. Location I like where Pop Century is. Yes, it’s a little bit of of a ride to Magic Kingdom. But I’ve never found it to be that bad, And everything else seems like it’s right at my fingertips. I actually almost enjoy the bus rides (depending on how full they’ve packed the bus that time). They go by quickly and give me time to gather what I need, switch out my pins to trade and have some much needed down time with my husband. I can’t complain about the free transportation. And if you’re going to complain how nothing is free at Disney, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t complain to me.
  7. Remodeling/Refurbishing The redone rooms look great and I’m telling you, if I could find a way to discreetly pull up that carpet and fly it home. It would be in my bedroom right now. It was love at first sight. I went on and on about it all week last summer. And I will again next summer. Disney could make a fortune selling that.
  8. Feels Like Disney Pop Century feels like Disney to me. I have stayed at other Disney resorts and never had that experience. I know when I say at the Pop the from the time I check in until the time I check out, the Magic never really ends. I always feel like I’m at the park. I can’t explain that to you if you aren’t a Disney person, but if you’ve been there you know. Somehow, Pop Century helps sustain the Magic of the experience. And that’s what I need from my 10 days- the ability to totally get lost in the Magic. Sure those Deluxe resorts have their appeals, but my Pop has its Magic.

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