Why Do We Travel to Disney?

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It seems that every time we tell family that we are going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, we are asked why.  Why travel there “all the time”?  “Why do you have to go to Disney?”, we’re asked.  “You’ve already been there,” the family says.  Today, I was reading some Walt Disney quotes, and I think I have the right answer now.

A child is helpless in choosing what is to be engraved on his mind during the formative years.  The awesome responsibility is assumed, for better or worse, by us adults.  Today we are shapers of the world of tomorrow.  That is the plain truth.  ~ Walt Disney

I LOVE this quote because it really describes WHY we go to Disney.

The first time my husband and I took the kids to Disneyland, it was a “respite” trip.  We were caring for my father, and we were able to find someone to take care of him while we took a trip.  We thought long and hard about where to go, and we felt Disney would be a great trip for the kids because they had never been.  It would be a place for them to forget life at home for just a short while.  Then, we had to decide between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  We lived right in the middle of the country at the time, so the distance was the same to either park.  I had been to both, so I felt that Disneyland would be a better fit for the length of time that we had.  We quickly made our plans that included the beach, Disneyland, and the Queen Mary.

The kids enjoyed the trip so much that we planned a trip for the following year.  The thing is that Disneyland put such a sparkle in their eyes, and we realized that this was a great way to spend time together as a family.  It started the tradition of taking a “real” vacation.  It taught us the importance of family and taking the time together to form a stronger bond.

Spend Time Together

Now, our children look forward to their vacation.  Not just because of the travel but because of their ability to work together.  Planning our vacations has become a family affair and has taught the kids to work closely.  To give and take.  It’s not just about one child always getting his way.  It’s about making sure that everyone gets a chance to see and do what he wants.  This is what our trips to Disney have become.  Not just a vacation but molding our children to respect each other and enjoy each other’s company.  Working together.  Things that each person must be able to do in order to work in a job and live in his own family.

Yes, our Disney vacations align with what Walt Disney said.  Isn’t that interesting?


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