Why Disney World?

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We have made Disney World our family vacation spot for six of the last seven years, with another trip planned for later this year.  I have no doubt that some of our family members and friends are wondering, “Why Disney?”

Because so many reasons exist for why we continually choose Disney World as our vacation destination, knowing where to begin is difficult.  However, I will start with the all-inclusive package that Disney offers.

Unlike many vacation spots, such as the beach or the mountains, Disney World provides all of our entertainment for one price.  Furthermore, when vacationing with the free dining deal, as our family has for the past five trips, the expense of food is not an issue.  Few places can top Disney World in this respect. When our family arrives at the resort, we have no need for cash or a credit card because our bill has already been paid in full.

Of course, Disney is full of delightful memorabilia, so we go prepared to purchase a few goodies to bring back from our vacation.  All the same, there is no need to budget for food and entertainment, to study a menu and calculate the most cost-effective purchases for a family of five, or to pick and choose among the many shows and rides in order to be thrifty.

In addition to the practical aspect of an all-inclusive package is the benefit of being in a place full of joy, entertainment, and wonder.  In other words, Disney World is just plain fun!  Every attraction, from the thrill rides to the playgrounds, tells a story.  The 3-D shows outshine any 3-D movie you will see in a theater.  Advanced technology makes even history lectures (like the ones found in Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents and Epcot’s “An American Adventure”) come to life.

Perhaps some will argue that having several small kids by their side all day is unpleasant.  We have taken family trips to the World since our sons were ages one, three, and six and have discovered the secret to enjoying young children at Disney World: discipline.  Appropriate, effective discipline at home throughout the year translates into well-behaved children that will be a delight on any vacation.

But I digress!

Disney also provides a bond among the people with whom you travel.  Together, we count down the days until our vacation.  Upon arrival, exciting family stories develop about breathtaking rides, humorous events, and of course, magical moments.  The trips with our children create wonderful memories that we talk about all year long.  We have also traveled with grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Later, at family gatherings, we reminisce about all of the funny and exciting happenings from the vacation.

Furthermore, Disney strengthens bonds with several of our friends.  Many come to us seeking advice regarding an upcoming trip.  We enjoy fellowship together as we discuss the World and assist them with planning.  Other dear friends are also Disney fanatics, and we get-together monthly simply to talk about our favorite vacation destination.  This beloved group of friends has become some of my most trusted and loyal companions.

Disney is also a place which truly feels like another world.  Once we park our car at the resort, the busyness and stress of “real life” is left behind, and we are now at a place with no pressures or distractions and lots of time to enjoy one another.  No expectations are placed on us.  Casual, relaxed, and sometimes silly, we converse with cast members, laugh with strangers, and give hugs to mice, bears, dogs, and ducks.

We also know that Disney trips as they are now will not last forever.  Our boys are still relatively young, but milestones occur with each Disney vacation, such as our youngest becoming forty inches tall, our middle son riding Rockin’ Rollercoaster for the first time, and our oldest becoming a Disney adult.

Eventually, however, the changes will be more dramatic.  One son will go off to college, another will marry, one may move away.  The day may come when my husband and I travel without our children because they are children no more.

Why Disney?  Because we want to continue experiencing the joy and excitement of a place we all love while we have these years together to do so!

One of our fun family trips to Disney World!

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