What to Do with the Things You Don’t Buy

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What to do with the things you don’t buy.  That’s a strange title, isn’t it?  Are you wondering how I could do anything with something I don’t have?

Previously, I wrote about how we decide what to buy, and now, I’m going to address the wishlist.  The things we took pictures of but didn’t buy.  Sometimes, things that the kids want but aren’t able to buy while we are at the parks make really great birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.  Because of this, I usually record some of the bigger “wants” to use for a later gift.

If there is something that I think I might want to purchase later, I record details of the item and the UPC/price sticker information.  I do this by taking pictures with my iPhone to upload to my computer when I get home.  Now, that the DisneyStore.com carries many Disney Parks souvenirs, I might not truly need all that information.  However, if it is not available on DisneyStore.com, I might need to call Merchandise Guest Services to see if it is still available in the parks.  Sometimes, items sell out at the parks or are unavailable due to being discontinued, so purchasing something later is never a guarantee.  The general rule is that if it is something you MUST have, buy it as soon as you see it.

I included pictures of things that we still have on our wishlist.  Some of these stay on the wishlist for quite some time and really are things that I may never buy.  For instance, the glassware below.  I have a cat.  This cat likes to jump long distances, skidding across a counter top.  Ummm…  I’m not thinking the glassware is coming to my home any time soon, and if it did, I don’t think it would last long.  There are a couple of other things that will stay on my list for a while, too, but there are things that may show up for other special events during the next year.  Who knows?  That’s the fun of a wishlist, isn’t it?

Do you keep track of the “wants” for later?  What is on your wishlist?

Sharing is caring!

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