What Are You Celebrating? or How I Finally Got My Husband to Wear Ears

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My husband, Jim, and I choose to go to Disney World every year at the beginning of July to celebrate our anniversary there. My husband is my favorite person and that is my favorite place. It only makes sense. It also makes sense that I put our anniversary on our reservation at table service meals. This time I did that at The Plaza at Magic Kingdom, which is our usual for lunch before the July 3rd fireworks.

The day had been filled with happy anniversary wishes from every cast member who noticed our happy anniversary buttons. It’s amazing how something so simple can make you feel so special. After 11 years of marriage, I’ll admit that my husband and I don’t always make a big deal about it but today it was a big deal. We arrived at The Plaza and they confirmed that we were celebrating. They showed my husband, my parents, and me to our table. Throughout our lunch several wait staff stopped by to give us their best wishes.

We enjoyed our lunch (we always do there!) and ordered dessert.  Before desert came our waitress brought us each a gift- EARS! Jim’s were the groom ears, in full tux and mine were the bride ears with veil. What a surprise! I put mine on but doubted anything would get those groom ears on my hubby. Amazingly enough, with no struggle at all, he placed them on top of his baseball cap. He looked adorable! (It still makes me smile to think of it). He proudly wore them until a late afternoon storm prompted us to put them away for safekeeping.

Once we were properly attired, out came a huge cupcake decorated for our anniversary. The waitress got everyone’s attention in the restaurant and asked them to clank their glasses to celebrate our 11th anniversary and get us to kiss. We sealed the perfect lunch with a kiss under our new ears!

By Kristin K.

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