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By Kristi Letsinger

Be Our Guest 3

I recently had the pleasure of going to Walt Disney World for a few days for a family vacation.  We had heard all of the fuss about the new Be Our Guest Restaurant so we decided to try it.  The dinner reservations here fill up fast and we weren’t able to get one so we decided to try it as a counter service for lunch.  (Editor Note:  Kristi isn’t kidding when she says the dinner reservations fill fast.  They are full at the 180 day mark.)

We entered the park about 10 am in the pouring rain.  Florida was experiencing their first tropical storm for the year and we were in the center of it.  We raced to the line for Be Our Guest and to our surprise at 10:15 there were about 50 families already in line ponchos, umbrellas and all.  The restaurant opened at 10:30, however, at about 10:20 they began taking families inside to line up.  The line did move quickly and after a few more minutes of a torrential downpour we were able to get the lobby area.

Be Our Guest 2 Once in the lobby area, the line splits into a left and right side though it didn’t seem to make any difference what side we were on as we could see the theming for both sides.  We walked past gargoyles outside and suits of armor inside.  I even think that the suits of armor talked to us!

At the front of the line we were given a round red disc that is supposed to represent a rose.  You will be asked to get in line to order from a kiosk in the next room.  Once you order you are able to stroll through the restaurant and find a table.  The rose helps the cast members find you with your meal once placed on the table.

Since we were one of the first families in the restaurant we had our pick of rooms and tables.  The restaurant was MUCH bigger than I expected and seemed to go on forever.  There are three rooms to choose from that are all different in theming.

The main room or ballroom is large and open with a faux window where you’ll see snow outside of it.  There are gorgeous chandeliers and even a small balcony found around the room.  The two smaller rooms that branch off from the ballroom are equally as interesting.  The west wing features the famous rose, torn curtains, a slashed picture of the Prince that changes into the Beast at certain times.  This room is dark and stormy.  The east wing is open, bright, has pictures of Belle, the Beast, and other members of the story.  The main focus in the room is a larger than life music box that turns with Belle and the Beast on top.

Be Our Guest 1 Once we sat down for lunch we placed the rose on the table and our food was brought out quickly in a covered cart by a cast member.  Each room has its own drink station, as well as a place for silverware.  The silverware is real which is a switch for most of the counter services.  The food was delicious right down to the strawberry cupcake for dessert.  The cast members clean up the tables so there was no trash to take and throw away.

The restaurant has no outside windows so though it was raining outside it was warm and cheerful inside.  Even though we have only eaten here once it is now our favorite counter service in the Magic Kingdom and maybe even all the parks.

I don’t feel like we missed anything by only eating here at lunch and not dinner.  If you can’t afford dinner or can’t get reservations for dinner don’t count out lunch especially if it is the experience that you are looking for!!


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