To Buy or Not Buy: Disney’s Refillable Drink Mug

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Do you have an upcoming trip to the World? If you are staying at one of Disney’s exceptional resorts, be prepared to see numerous resort refillable drink mugs when you arrive. They will be in the hands of most guests and are available to purchase for less than $15 a piece at each resort’s food court. Is it a wise acquisition? Here are a few things to consider before buying.

The first bit of information to be familiar with is that the mugs can only be refilled at a Disney resort. While you are welcome to carry your cup into all of the parks and Downtown Disney, you will not get them refilled for free at any of those places. Our family spends most of our vacation time in the parks, not at the resort. If this is the case with you, purchasing the refillable cup may not be a frugal choice.

Another restriction is on the type of beverages that can be refilled in the cup. Guests are not allowed to replenish the mugs with milk, juice, or alcoholic drinks. If you consume these specific beverages regularly, the refillable mug may not be beneficial to you.

However, take time to consider the advantages. Anytime you are at the resort – before heading to the parks in the morning, during mid-afternoon rests by the pool, and upon returning to the resort at night – you may refill this cup at no additional cost. If you choose to have a rest day at the resort in the midst of busy park days, the refillable mug comes in handy.

Are you are a big coffee drinker, or even a Coca-cola drinker? If so, you will quickly cover the cost of the mug before your vacation is over. Furthermore, your cup may be used in place of your drink purchase any time you eat at the food court. There are many conveniences to having this mug and not needing to pay for a drink anytime you are at the resort and thirsty.

The mug also makes a relatively inexpensive Disney souvenir. Not only is it handy during your Disney stay, but you also get to take it home and drink from it anytime you like. My resort mug from 2009 is by my side right now. As a matter of fact, ask any friend who has visited my home, and they will acknowledge that I always have a Disney souvenir cup within arm’s reach.

When asking ourselves, “To buy or not to buy?” we bought! However, we did not purchase one per family member. On our first trip to the World, our family of five bought two mugs and realized that we did not need both. We were at the parks much more than at the resort, and when we arrived back for the night, we shared. When we spent time by the pool, we were close enough to the food court to walk in and refill it. Back at home, only I carry the mug around as if it is a security blanket! We discovered that one mug per family for each visit to the World is just right for us.

When considering the cost of this purchase, also consider the conveniences and shortcomings, and then decide if the refillable mug is the right purchase for you.

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