Tips to Make Your Walt Disney World Resort Room Organized

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Walt Disney World

Living in a resort or hotel room for any length of time can be difficult.  Cramming everyone’s stuff in one small area can leave one feeling like they are climbing over, around and sometimes through piles of stuff.  Overtime, I have collected a few tips of the trade to make our resort room while at Walt Disney World a little more homey and easier to manage.

The first suggestion I would have to anyone traveling is to purchase some cloth boxes.  I got ours from our local Dollar Store; however, I know you can find them almost at any retail store.  I use these things in a number of ways to help keep our room picked up and organized.

The first place I use one is by the door.  This box is our collection box.  When coming into the room, this is where we throw all those small things we had with us and that we will need once again upon heading out the door.  At Disney, this included our magicbands, buttons, sunglasses, and sometimes snacks for the kids.  I have found that using this box for keys, wallets and even purses as well is nice because it all stays together.

The nightstand is the second place I keep a cloth box.  I use this box for our electronics.  All of our headphones and charges go in this box as it makes it easier to find and to plug things in each day when we need to.  Although at night we leave things plugged in, during the day I will unplug chargers and put them in the box as it keeps them picked up and lessens chance of them getting left behind.

MFL Room cloth

Cloth boxes for our clothes

In the bathroom, is another place I have found that these cloth boxes are helpful.  This time in Disney I used one for each of us and put our clothes for the next day in it as well as our pjs as we left for the parks in the morning.  Not only did this help keep track of those darn pjs, but it also helped the kids get ready in the morning each day as they knew where to find their clothes.

MFL Room Sink

Cloth box on sink

I also used a cloth box on top of the counter in the bathroom as well.  I try to keep the sink area cleared off as much as possible (see future tip); however, somethings just don’t fit nice and tucked away so I use the cloth box as a catch for all of those things.  I absolutely love having these cloth boxes around to keep our room picked up and help us stay organized during a resort stay.

MFL Room Suitcase

Suitcase we used by the door

Another way I have found to keep the room picked up is to use a carry-on suitcase by the door for daily items.  I set a carry-on right on the table by our resort door and used it to hold all of the different park things we might need on a daily basis.  This included our umbrellas, ponchos, fans, suntan lotion, ears, and swim gear.  This is the first time I have done this and I really liked how it kept all of these items that normally find their way to the floor picked up and organized overall.  It also was a quick way for the kids to grab things on their way out and not have to dig to find it.  This was extremely useful in helping our resort room seem less messy.

MFL Room shoes

Hanging Shoe Holder

The bathrooms in resorts and hotels drive me crazy because I feel like our toiletries just explode everywhere.  To help with this problem I have started to bring a hanging shoe holder as well as a pop-up hamper.  The shoe holder is so helpful in holding all of the small random toiletries that don’t have a good spot when traveling.  Our toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, hair combs, razors, glasses and contacts all fit nicely into these spots and allow everyone the ability to see where they are at.  I love having this with us and like that it helps in keeping that counter cleaned off.

MFL Room Laundry

Using our suitcase for dirty clothes

 The pop-up hamper is a huge help as well.  Although many will use garbage sacks or even suitcases, I really liked have a specific place to throw our dirty clothes that stayed up by itself and was easy to move around. Another thing that we did the end of our trip was to use our suitcases to separate our colored laundry from our whites.  This really worked well for us and made the daunting task of laundry a little easier when we got back home. These two bathroom items are small and cheap but they make a big difference in opening up that bathroom space.

These small things (cloth boxes, shoe organizer and pop-up hamper) are inexpensive but make a huge difference in keeping your small living area feeling picked up and organized throughout your vacation.  Feeling like our room was organized helped reduce my stress as I didn’t have to search frantically for things every morning and night.  Most of our stuff stayed in the designated areas making it so much easier for everyone to find things they needed.

What are your best tips for staying organized while visiting Walt Disney World?

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