Book Review: The Wisdom Of Walt

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The Wisdom Of Walt

Are you looking for a good book to read?  Do you want to live your dream?  The Wisdom of Walt written by Dr. Jeffrey Barnes is a wonderful book to teach you about the story behind the creation of Disneyland, and can simultaneously serve as your handbook for life as you yearn to live a life of achieving your dreams.

The Wisdom of Walt

Dr. Barnes wrote this book to be used as a textbook for a college course to teach students about history.  Not just any old history lesson, but the history of Disneyland and how one man’s dream changed the world.  Walt’s dream and his vision should be viewed as lessons you can implement into your own life.  Why do we have to work in a job that we don’t love?  Why shouldn’t we do what makes us happy?  Yes, it sounds easy on paper, but you really can live your dream if you take the first step out of your comfort zone and try to live by these values.

Jeff’s book has actionable items you can take.  You can write in the book, yes, I did really say that, because there are pages in the book that tell you to write down your goals, and your dream, and the action items you will take to lead into that direction.  He also has summary sections in each chapter with takeaways.

About Jeff

Jeff and his wife are wonderful people!  I had the honor of meeting them when I was at the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend.  He was having dinner with a friend in the park so we made it a point to meet up and get a picture together and finally meet in person.  My dream is to go back to Disneyland and have a tour of the park with Jeff.  There are so many nuggets of information that he shared in his first book about what Walt envisioned when he built the park.  Since this was the only theme park he was alive to walk in, it does have a special feeling about it.  When I visited the park, I wanted to look for those special places and view the park through Walt’s eyes.  Jeff’s book gives you the ability to look at the park like Walt saw it.

In addition to providing tours at the park, Jeff also does public speaking engagements.   He is a motivational, memorable and magical keynote speaker and you can watch some of his videos on his website.

Get the Book!

If you haven’t read it already, you MUST get this book!  You can order it from Jeff’s website as an autographed version or it is also available on Amazon or for your kindle.  Write in it, highlight the pages, use it as your new handbook for your life.  What will you do to live your dream?

Jeff has just finished his second book, “Beyond the Wisdom of Walt” which was released on October 1.  I had the privilege to read the preview copy of the book and loved it just as much as the first. You won’t be disappointed with it either!

Have you read “The Wisdom of Walt”? What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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