The Top 5 Understated Disney Souvenirs

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When my Walt Disney World vacation has come to a close, I often get the post-vacation blues! One of my favorite ways to continue to enjoy the magic of Disney is to bring home a special souvenir that reminds me of the fun I had during my last trip. Of course, not everyone wants Disney-themed items adorning their office, kitchen, or living room walls. Sometimes the subtly-Disney souvenirs are the most fun! Here, I’m bringing you some of my favorite understated Disney souvenirs I spotted during my last trip to The World!

Understated Mugs

I’m a coffee-lover, so I start every morning with a mug in front of me. In my personal opinion, coffee always tastes better from a Disney mug! I have quite the collection of Disney mugs, and that collection is likely to keep growing! Many of the new mugs are minimally Disney, with cute patterns containing Hidden Mickeys that are likely to be overlooked by a non-Disney fan. If you’re looking for a souvenir to brighten every morning before work, but don’t want something overly-Disney in your office, this is a great option!



Some office settings aren’t too keen on loudly decorated office supplies, so your Disney accessories have to be subtle. I spotted some great minimally Disney pens and pencils on my last trip to the World that might fit in nicely in a conservative office. I especially liked this tiny Mickey on this pen!

Clothing and Accessories

Obviously, some Disney apparel can be big on the mouse ears; I happen to own quite a few of these items and love to bring them out on Disney vacations! When I’m back home in New York City, I don’t always want my outfit to scream “Disney,” even on days where I’m feeling nostalgic for the World! I spotted some subtle pieces of apparel at The Emporium during my last visit! I loved the “Turkey Leg” tee; no Mickeys at all, but a nod to Disney dining! I also saw quite a few polos with small Mickey logos that would be understated enough to wear to the golf course or even on casual Friday at the office!


Disney-Inspired Soaps at Basin

I love to add little touches of Disney to my home without going over the top, and Basin had some adorably-subtle Disney soaps I loved! Head over to Disney Springs to pick up some of these cute bars of soap with nods to Disney, perfect for sprucing up your bathroom! Among my favorites were Belle’s red rose and the Cheshire Cat’s smile. Only a Disney fan will make the connection!


Handbags and scarves

I love all things accessory, but handbags are definitely my major weakness. As you might be aware, Dooney & Bourke has quite a few special Disney-inspired handbags and luggage options that I just love! If you’re looking for something with Disney flare that flies a little more under the radar, I loved the Haunted Mansion line! Obviously Disney-inspired to a fan, this bag doesn’t scream Disney to passers-by. I also loved the many scarf options I spotted walking down Main Street U.S.A., especially this red and white pattern with some Hidden Mickeys in the center of each flower!



What are some of your favorite understated Disney souvenirs? Share them in the comments.

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