The Muppets are Back! (on Disney+)

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Muppets Disney+

It might be a slight understatement to say that I am a fan of the Muppets. My favorite movie, of any kind, is the Muppet Christmas Carol. I routinely refer to “Happiness Hotel” as “the best and greatest song of all time.” I even made my own Muppet.

As a Disney Parks fan, I of course love Muppet*Vision and was super excited when the Magic Kingdom got their own taste of the Muppets with “Great Moments in History.”

Great Moments Muppets

However, in the past few years, especially since Disney fully took ownership of the Muppets, they haven’t quite seemed to know what to do with them. While I personally enjoyed both of the most recent films and even the short lived tv show, others maybe hadn’t. In fact, when that show was cancelled, and I wrote my farewell here, I talked a bit about the future of the Muppets, including this:

“The sort of short sketch/song-based entertainment has always been the Muppets’ strength, so they could continue to succeed in this area.

And who knows, with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, and everyone else wanting to produce their own content, the Muppets could still have a second-life on TV.”

Which leads us to right now, where during the Disney+ panel at D23, the following announcement was made.


Muppets D23

That’s right, the Muppets are coming back, and are doing so in a “short form” environment. While there are notable exceptions (I see you “The Muppet Movie”), this really and truly is what the Muppets are best at. Even though the Muppet Show was a standard length show, the greatness was because it was a sketch show that was able to quickly jump all over the place for no reason. This new format will play directly to that strength, in the same way that fun and creative YouTube videos has.

So yes, I am incredibly excited by this, and really hope it is the start of another great era for the Muppets.

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