The Mouse For Less is Looking for Bloggers

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The Mouse For Less Is Looking for Bloggers


We are looking for a limited number of bloggers to join our for The Mouse For Less Blog family!

We are looking to grow the Mouse For Less Blog, so we are looking for those who would like to volunteer to write. Our goal is to gain new bloggers who are passionate about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, or Universal Orlando Resort!

We are especially in need of bloggers who want to write on a more consistent basis about the following:

  • Universal Orlando Resort (This is a key topic. We are in a high need of Universal Orlando lovers who would like to blog for us.)
  • Disney Crafts/Recipes
  • runDisney
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Any niche area that you think we are missing

Keep in mind that if you want to write about generally about either Disneyland or Walt Disney World, that doesn’t mean you are automatically out of the running! If that’s where your area of expertise is in, then by all means, please still send in a submission!

In exchange for your time, we do offer a quarterly incentive program as a thank you for writing articles for the Mouse For Less Blog.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then read further!

The Mouse For Less Blog has a few requirements for articles that include:

  • You are able to write at least one 400-1000 word article at least every month, with preference on a new posting every two weeks.  While you can still write for The Mouse For Less if you write for another site, keep in mind that blog articles on our site should be original and not copy and pasted from other websites you may blog for.
  • You must be able to write clearly with minimal grammatical or spelling mistakes.  Also, articles cannot be acronym heavy. (I know, we all love our Disney acronyms, but not everyone reading these articles will know what TTC, GF, FP+ or BTMR means. Remember, we help people plan vacations who come from all planning backgrounds, from novice to those who visit weekly.)
  • You know how to produce articles in WordPress or are willing to learn. (Don’t worry if you aren’t proficient; we have a great cheat sheet for those who don’t already know!)
  • Articles must include at least one image, though preferably more. You must be able to include your own photos in your articles. No copywritten images are allowed.
  • You must be able to create one image that can be pinnable for Pinterest. (A pinnable image is one that has text that overlays the photo, that includes the title of the article or at least a good explanation of the topic using your favorite photo editor.)
  • You must include hyperlinks to areas of The Mouse For Less that are applicable to the article at hand.
  • Topics can be about anything related to Disney (or Universal Studios).

So, I know you have questions…and I have answers! Here are some of the questions that my current bloggers thought you may have and my answers:

I’ve never written in WordPress. Is that a deal breaker?

Absolutely not!  WordPress is very similar to Microsoft Word. In addition, I have a fantastic cheat sheet that you can use to help you along.

I’ve never created a pinnable image. Is that a deal breaker?

Again, absolutely not!  There are some easy to work with sites. I am also always here to answer questions. (And our current bloggers have great suggestions for sites you can use that range from free to having a bit of a fee. Some suggestions include BeFunky, Canva, and PicMonkey.)

I have a great blog idea, but what if I don’t have a photo that I can use in my post?

Never fear! We have a great community of bloggers in our family who are more than willing to share with other bloggers, asking only for photo credit, of course.

Do I get anything for blogging?

We have a great incentive program based on the number of blogs written each quarter. The more you write, the better the incentives you can earn!

Do you assign topics and deadlines to each blogger?

I do not. It is mostly up to each blogger to come up with both topics and their own schedule, however I do occasionally offer suggestions of topics that bloggers can claim to write about or to give bloggers a spark of inspiration.

How many blogs are expected?

We request at least one blog post a month, but if you can, we would prefer one blog article every two weeks.

In order to participate in The Mouse For Less incentive program, you must be an active blogger. The requirement that in order to be an active blogger is one who writes at least 2 blogs every quarter.  A blogger is considered dormant when they have written less than two blogs in two consecutive quarters (4 blogs total between the two consecutive quarters). A Blogger is also considered dormant and could be removed from the blogging roster when they do not write articles in at least two quarters in the last 12 months.

Are there travel requirements?

There are no travel requirements!  I have bloggers that go down less frequently and some who go down more frequently. As long as you blog about something Disney related, I am ok. While it certainly isn’t a requirement that you have a trip every year or every other year, it does help when writing posts to be knowledgeable in what you’re blogging about.


Hooray! You want to write for The Mouse For Less Blog! What do you do next?

Please fill our our application and include a writing sample (including photos in the article…but don’t worry about making a pinnable image just yet). Samples can be about anything Disney or Universal related. (If you really want a specific topic idea, use “My Best Tip for Touring __________ “(pick a theme park.)) The best advice I can give for those looking to apply is to be creative when writing your article! The more creative your article is, the better your chance you have of getting chosen.

If you have never blogged before and you are wanting to give it a shot, please send in a sample! And if you already blog for another site, that’s ok too! We have plenty of people in the family who currently do that. As long as you can keep up with our blogging expectations listed above, you’re all good.

In addition, if you have any questions, what-so-ever about blogging for The Mouse For Less, please email me at and I will be happy to answer them!

The deadline for submitting articles is 11:59 p.m. on March 10.

If we’re interested in having you blog for us, we’ll contact you with the next steps in the process no later than March 31.  Be aware that we may not be able to reply to everyone interested in blogging. (And for those who are not chosen at this time, please don’t be discouraged! We are simply limited on the number of bloggers that we can add at a time.)

In addition, if maybe you don’t want to blog, but you know someone who you think would be really good at it (like a friend who writes really great trip reports, etc) make sure to pass this opportunity along to them! Also, if you could, please share this opportunity on your social media sites.

If you have ever wanted to be a blogger for The Mouse For Less Blog, we look forward to hearing from you! We have a number of opportunities available and we would love to have you as part of the Mouse For Less Blogging family!

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