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The other day I opened my e-mail and low and behold, I had the ever elusive Disney Pin Code offer!  I am sure most of you have at least read about the Pin Codes that are randomly sent to a supposed select group of people.  But if you have never heard of the Pin Code legend, here it is in a nutshell:  Occasionally to boost reservation numbers (I assume) Disney sends people either an e-mail or snail mail that looks like a general invitation to visit Walt Disney World.  Upon further reading of the mail you will find that it is actually an offer specific to your household and non-transferable.  Some speculate that it is a clue to discounts that will later be available to the general public, but I have found this to not be true.  Not to brag, but I receive these codes a few times a year.  We have never been able to take advantage of one of them however, they never quite work for us for one reason or another.  The offer I received the other day is no exception.  For a change it actually coincided with our trip that we have booked for June, but unlike other offers, say the Free Dining, it only applies to the specific dates listed on the offer.  With the Free Dining offer that we have currently booked all we had to do was check in by the last date listed in the offer and it applied to our entire stay.  The percentage off offer that I received could only be applied to 3 of our 8 night stay.  I was disappointed to say the least.  Our current plans are to stay at Port Orleans Riverside (for the 4th time!) with free dining , but  I am really hoping to be able to upgrade to a monorail resort.  We do have a budget though and without a percentage off either by pin code or offer to the general public we will not be able to do so.  I haven’t given up hope, we still have a day or two until June rolls around!

People are always curious as to how Disney selects people to receive these Pin Codes and while I really don’t have the answer to that question anymore than anyone else does, here is the best advice I can give you to maybe get on that “list.”  First create an account on the Disney Family websites and allow them to send you e-mails from the “parent companies” meaning all the Disney companies.   I don’t think you need to allow other approved companies and third party companies that they “have selected.”  I never allow this option and I get the Pin code offers.  Next go to the Walt Disney World Resort website, order the planning DVD, and price out trips at different levels of resorts.  Save these offers to come back to later.  If Disney has a way to track these saved offers, they may see that you are “considering” a trip and my try to entice you into committing with a pin code.  If you travel with other households make them do all of this as well.  We always travel with my parents and sister and sometimes my sister gets pin codes that I do not get.  (A pin code can be used for up to 3 rooms, but the person who was originally sent the pin code must be on the reservation.)  I also have a Disney Visa that I use only for Disney vacations.  The Visa has some perks that are specific to Disney vacations and maybe that is linked to pin code offers.  Finally, the only other thing that I can think of is when you are in the parks and you are approached to answer a survey, take a few minutes to answer their questions.  It really is only 3 or 4 questions and takes less than five minutes.  At the end they give you the option of entering your home address and e-mail so do it.  Then be on the lookout for e-mails from “Disney Destinations” and double check your Spam box before deleting anything.  You never know what may come your way!

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