The Dream – A Poem

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By Shelly Rhoda

Editor’s Note: Shelly Rhoda has visited Walt Disney World an enviable number of times. Her poem covers many topics near and dear to the Disneyphile’s heart: the trip-planning dinner, the wonderful web resources, the delicious restaurants .. . . enjoy!

This is my story, though I don’t like to boast,
If I say so myself, it’s better than most.
It started with dinner-served by a great host,
Who fattened us up with their Tonga Toast.

Strap yourself in for this E-ticket ride,
There’s so much adventure packed deep inside.
So at the beginning is where I will start,
A dream of two girls I’d call “young at heart.”

The girls were obsessed and some called them geeks
And both of their husbands knew they were freaks.
But since they were just such wonderful men,
They’d smile and say “Walt Disney World…..again?”

Mere words would not describe their level of devotion,
So they decided it was time to set a plan in motion.
Through rain or snow, sleet or hail, no matter what the weather,
The girls would dream, that someday they, would walk Main Street together.

Because there is so much to do and so much that they like,
Who but who could they turn to?   Their old friend Tour Guide Mike.
Mike has the answers and is their best supporter,
Anything he couldn’t give, they got from the Passporter.

Since they are on a budget, and that can cause them stress,
They log onto a great web-site, it’s called “The Mouse For Less.”
They love the rate reducing codes, because they get good deals,
They save on almost everything from hotels to great meals.

Plans were made and flights were booked – the dream was just so sweet,
But the most important detail left?   Where are they gonna eat?

Great food is part of their Disney World dream,
Especially partaking at Beaches N’ Cream.
Sundaes, Malts, or Onion Rings – which one will it be?
Such a choice they could not make, the pigs will eat all three.

The girls booked their lodging; it was not a small task since one couldn’t make up her mind,
After months of debating she made the right choice,  Riverside is oh – so divine!

They will be a matching group; they bought new shirts to wear,
They will look “INCREDIBLE” and everyone will stare.

We know they won’t admit it, but the men have their dream too,
To golf on the Magnolia course and see who can beat who.
They’re bringing their own clubs, so they won’t have to rent,
Along with their new travel bags, they don’t want those sticks bent.

The kids are so excited; they’re doing the ‘happy dance’,
I think the Mom’s still have them beat, they’re about to wet their pants.

Typhoon Lagoon’s their favorite, they cannot tell a lie,
But it is closed for cleaning and they’re trying not to cry.
But soon their tears are wiped away, for they know what’s in store,
A fun-filled day at Blizzard Beach, how could they ask for more?

The rides they are a callin’ – the Mountain’s draw them near;
Space, Splash and Thunder, no fear, no fear, no fear.
The Pirates are their favorite; they cannot wait to go-
To see the new kid on the block, his name is Jack Sparrow.

The days are passing quickly and the time is drawing near,
Soon they will be traveling to the place they hold so dear.
As they head out on their way, to Disney World together,
They will make great memories, that will surely last forever.

There is one more part to this dream – one they can’t deny,
And sometimes when they think of it, it almost makes them cry.

They hope one day when it is time, for their grown kids to part,
This magical place will always be, so special in their heart.

And when they pack up their own kids, to show them what they saw,
Our biggest dream will always be, that they will take Grandmaw.

So Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho another trip draws near,
We can only hope and pray we will go again next year.

There are lots of people, that really will relate-
To the feeling that comes over them, as they walk through Disney’s gate.
It’s something that they’ve tried to, but never could describe,
A warm and peaceful feeling that they have so deep inside.

Even as they travel there, time and time again,
It feels just like they’re coming home to visit an old friend.

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