Sunshine Seasons makes for a sunny dining experience!

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I think that dining at the Walt Disney World Resort is almost as much fun as riding the rides. Of course, I’m a self-described “foodie” who grew up in the food business so that could have something to do with my opinion of the Disney dining experience but I can still say (and have many agree) that there are some wonderful places to eat while on vacation at the happiest place on earth!

Located in the Land Pavilion in Epcot is the Sunshine Season food court. Now let me start by saying that I am not usually of fan of ANY food court but with so many burger places on the counter service front at Disney, Sunshine Seasons was a most pleasant surprise.

They are one of many dining options that are open all day and they do serve breakfast. After that you have the option to cruise the line and choose from Asian selections, soups and salads, sandwiches, The Grill, grab n go stuff (yogurts, fruit cups, etc.), desserts and beverages. There is more than likely something here for everyone in your group and you’ll walk away feeling like you haven’t had “fast food”.

Several friends of mine recently dined there and here is what they had to say:

– We ate there for the first time this year and loved it. It doesn’t make my top 3, but I would definitely eat there again. The selection is great and the dessert options are significantly better than most other quick service restaurants. I did have some Asian dish that was VERY spicy! It was delicious, but I wouldn’t order it again because of that. However, I’d love the opportunity to choose something else!

– We had no problem finding a seat, but it wasn’t particularly crowded when we were there for supper around 5:30ish. Seems like there is ample seating, but I could imagine that on a very busy day, if seating did run out, guests would have to take their food upstairs and outside before eating. That’s not very convenient. But it doesn’t “look” like that would be a problem.

– I walked through there this year but didn’t eat. However, I did notice that the CMs organize a little parade through the food court for the kids, who march along and wave their napkins in the air. I didn’t remember that from a few years ago.

– I’ve never seen a parade, but I do remember on our very first trip in 2004, they had a special thing 1-2x a day for kids where they let about 20 kids make chocolate chip cookies. They walked them through it, baked the cookies, and ate them. Parents got one, too, I think.

– We ate there and really loved it! (We almost ate there twice, but didn’t) I think there is a wide variety (like very different types of things from sandwiches, to pastas, to Asian to salmon to grilled pork chops etc.). I also feel like the food is very good quality. No cheap hamburgers and cold fries. I had the Grilled Chicken Caesar salad…yummo! Mike had a sandwich which was huge and very tasty! Seating is plentiful although b/c it’s located in the downstairs of the land and it’s open to everything it can be a little loud and at times very crowded. But I really enjoy the food every time we go.

– OH, and I had a yummy triple chocolate cake for dessert! The desserts they offer with the dinning plan are meal are very large and yummy. Mike had a piece of cheesecake that was very good too.

So if you are looking for something a little different in your journey around Epcot, check out Sunshine Seasons. It’s always been a hit in our family!

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