Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney

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Star Wars Trading Post

When Disneyland was forced to abruptly close due to COVID in March 2020, it left the company with a surplus of Star Wars souvenirs, and an unfilled demand for intergalactic goodies. As the pandemic dragged on and California slow to reopen theme parks, Disney chose to make rain out of Rainforest and reopen the old Rainforest Cafe as the Star Wars Trading Post in February 2021.

Disney had closed the old cafe with plans for a new hotel spanning the west end of Downtown Disney. With those plans on hold and now scuttled, the shopping district had plenty of unused real estate to repurpose.

The front of the new shop is festooned with satellite dishes and a retains a tropical rainforest vibe, maybe channeling Yavin 4 from the original movie. It’s one of the first stores you’ll encounter after passing through security from the Simba parking lot serving Downtown Disney. (If you’re coming from the parks it’s all the way west, almost to the Disneyland Hotel.)

The new gift shop doesn’t fill all available space, but it adds key pieces of Star Wars merchandise usually only available inside Disneyland.

Wall of handmade-looking plush like the ones found in the marketplace in Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Trading Post

Many different lightsabers can be found here, although there are still several that can only be bought exclusively in the parks. Do some research if you have all your hopes pinned on a certain model.

I’m not sure where they got some of the display items, but they are well-themed. The shop is a small Star Wars jewel (maybe a kyber crystal?)

Baby Yoda is of course front and center with T-shirts and plush of his sweet green face and floppy ears. World of Disney at the other end of the shopping district has a wider variety, but if you need a one-stop Star Wars destination you can find a partial selection here.

Rey has parked her speeder outside for us to take photos while she forages, saves the galaxy, or gets her hair into that cool triple ponytail

Cast Members say they think the Star Wars Trading Post will stay open until the end of the year. While it’s open, you can buy some of the park-exclusive merchandise without a Disneyland ticket. Get a taste of the empire’s best gadgets when you visit!

Walt Disney World also has Star Wars gift shops in Disney Springs, so you’ve got coast-to-coast possibilities.

Have you visited the Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney (or Disney Springs?) Would you like to see them stay open indefinitely? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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