A Spoiler Free Review of Toy Story 4 From Two Moms and Their Kindergarteners

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Toys Story 4 thoughts by moms and kindergarteners

We last saw Woody, Buzz and the gang at Bonnie’s house 9 years ago. It seemed like the perfect ending to the Toy Story trilogy. Andy found a perfect home for his childhood friends and everyone was happy.

I was surprised when Disney announced that the toys were back in town. I didn’t know how to feel. But, you can bet I jumped on the opportunity to see the movie a week early during a D23 member screening.

My 5 year old son and I invited his 6 year old friend and mom for a mommy-son movie date. Here’s a spoiler free review of Toy Story 4.

So did you like the movie?

Both boys – YEAH!

Both moms – Yes, it was really good.

Who was your favorite character and why?

5 year old (L) – Ducky and Bunny! I don’t want to say why…

6 year old (B) – Forky! I don’t know why.

new characters Ducky and Bunny


Did you think Ducky and Bunny were funny?

L – Yeah, super!

B – Yeah they were funny.

Moms what did you think about Ducky and Bunny?

Mom of 5 year old (Me) – I was kind of concerned that they were a little scary at times with the way their imagination worked, but the boys seemed to enjoy them.

Mom of 6 year old (H) – Yeah they seemed fine with them.

Toy Story 4 Forky


B, I know that Forky was your favorite character. L, did you like Forky too?

L – Yeah, He was my 3rd favorite character. Ducky, Bunny then Forky.

Moms how did you feel about Forky? He seems to be a character that Disney is really advertising in the stores and on TV.

Me – He grew on me. I think he ended up having a good story.

H – He was cute and good comic relief. He was definitely different, but they did a great job developing his character into something that worked.

Me – But why did he want to go to the trash so much?

H – Because that’s what he knew and what he was comfortable with. He didn’t know any different.

Me – Mind blown! That is totally true!

Moms, who was your favorite character?

H – I think Bo Peep. I liked how strong and independent she was.

Me – I agree. I really liked that they told more of her story and made her a strong female lead. But she was also there for Woody and understanding of his feelings.

Did you think there was anything inappropriate for young children?

Both moms – No, I don’t think so. I didn’t notice any inappropriate language or scenes that I wouldn’t want my young child to watch. The ventriloquist dolls were kinda creepy but the kids didn’t seem to think anything of it. There were a couple jokes that the kids didn’t get, but not because they were inappropriate, just geared to an older audience.

H – I will let my 3 year old daughter see it and I think she will enjoy it. I think Toy Story 3 had more intense moments and this was fairly tame for young kids.

Did you cry?

Boys – no

H – I got teared up.

Me – My kid started moving around and getting antsy at the emotional parts so I didn’t really get the opportunity to cry.

Moms, do you think people will need as many tissues as Toy Story 3?

Both moms – No, definitely not. But it was still sweet.

L why were you so squirmy? Were you bored?

L – I just needed to stretch, I don’t think it was boring. I liked it.

As a mom, what hit home with you the most?

Me – Comparing Bonnie going to kindergarten with our boys going to kindergarten. I want them to make new friends and feel excited.

H – Yeah, I wish they had made the idea of going to kindergarten more positive but I understand that is how Forky came to be. I liked the lessons of strength, independence and realizing that sometimes your meant for bigger things.

Me – Wow, that is profound! Yeah, they really did a great job with showing that didn’t they?!

Movie theater display for Toy Story 4

So are you glad they made a Toy Story 4 or should they have stopped at 3?

Boys – Happy!

H – Toy Story 3 was so good and ended so well. I love the Toy Story characters so I am always excited when there is something new with these characters. I think they did a good job with this movie and they exceeded my expectations. It kept me very entertained and I am glad they made it.

Me – I was excited to see these characters again but I didn’t want them to ruin the franchise. Toy Story 3 was soooo good, so I was nervous. But I don’t think they ruined the franchise, I think they added to it. It was very good.

Should people stay to the end of the credits?

All – YES! The very end!

Notes from me:

Keep your eyes peeled for some great Disney Easter Eggs, like Boo from Monsters Inc, a Grape Soda pin from Up and so many things in the Antique store!

This movie is a must see for any Toy Story fan, kid, or kid at heart! I say it is a summer must see!

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