Sogni Dolci at Palo on The Disney Cruise Line

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On the Disney Cruise Line, Palo is the specialty upscale restaurant with a Northern Italian influence in an elegant, world-class adult only setting.   Fine dining at its best on the high seas, I had to “wonder” (no pun intended) about my decorum on my most recent cruise when it was my desire to order not one, not even two, but three desserts after a very filling meal of antipasto, Gorgonzola and Grape Pizza, and Lamb. Really, I just wanted to sample a taste of each and it was too difficult to just choose one (or two).   To make matters more complex, my parents were dining with my wife and I and it was their first experience at Palo.  Would my Southern upbringing be somehow disgraced in front of my mother?

I broached the subject gently with our server who assured me when I asked about partaking in multiple desserts that many people ordered more than one.  How about three I asked to which he replied with a smile that it was not shameful behavior of an adult man.


So I threw caution to the wind and ordered three of the most decadent desserts I’ve ever consumed (with full intention on sharing them with the table of course):

  • Pineapple and Almond Ravioli:  lightly poached pineapple filled with an almond mousse
  • Chocolate Amaretto Indulgence:  silky milk chocolate, fresh berries on an almond biscotti base with a chocolate sauce drizzle
  • Panna Cotta:  sweet white cream custard with fresh berries (my personal favorite dessert item on the Palo menu)

Now table space can be an issue when you have three desserts in front of you and the glances of other guests dining are certainly that of envy.  And one would think that just a bite of each would be sufficient.  But somehow I actually managed to not only finish each of my three desserts, but I achieved the feat of being able to sample my dad’s amaretto gelato and my wife’s Chocolate Soufflé (my mom’s dessert was not sampled as she also ordered the soufflé)!  Okay, I did share mine with my wife and parents – but just a bite for each of them.  Naturally, I attributed my ability to achieve this accomplishment of consuming three desserts to the fact that I had a very strenuous day of parasailing and playing on Pelican’s Plunge at Castaway Cay.  At least that is what I convinced myself of knowing extra miles on the treadmill would be my punishment later.

The Italian phrase “Sogni Dolci” translated to English means “sweet dreams”.  Indeed, save room for sweet dreams after your amazing dining experience at Palo.  In fact, have two or three on your next visit.

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