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You can easily spend a full-week at the Walt Disney World Resort and still not see everything.  Most of us have a vacation budget, but if money were no object, would you want to participate in one of those special “behind the scenes” types of tours?

Believe it or not, there are many to choose from and each offers its own magical experience but with so much being available on-line and on Disney travel specials, do I really want to lose more of the “magic” or would the experience enhance the magic?  I don’t know!

There are top of the line VIP tours that essentially do all of the work for you – they plan your itinerary so that you don’t have to and guide you through every step of your theme park experience.  The down-side to this (at least to me) is that this is an expense above and beyond the theme park ticket and can run upwards of $300 per hour!  Plus, I kind of like planning my own itinerary and not being stuck on someone else’s plan.

The Backstage Magic Tours last anywhere from 6-8 hours and again, the cost is above and beyond your theme park tickets but you get to actually see the creative and technical operations used behind the scenes to bring innovative special effects, world-class entertainment and elaborate attractions to life throughout the parks.  Now that could be interesting.  The average cost is around $229 per person for this tour.

Looking for a little fun around the Magic Kingdom?  This would be great with smaller kids – especially if you’ve visited the park before and were looking for a different experience.  Disney’s Family Magic Tour invites Guests to join their family and friends on a 1 ½ to 2-hour guided interactive quest to save the Magic Kingdom park from the dastardly plans of a Disney Villain.   What kid wouldn’t enjoy that experience?  This is only $34 per person (a lot better for those of us who are budget conscious) and would make a nice break in the day.

The Keys to the Kingdom Tour is probably one of the most popular.  This approximately 4 1/2 hour walking tour explores the stories behind the creation and growth of Magic Kingdom theme park.   You will hear the intriguing story of Walt Disney and learn how his innovative ideas, revolutionary visions, creative philosophies and amazing accomplishments brought the Theme Park to life. The journey includes stops at backstage facilities and a variety of favorite attractions.   The cost is around $75 per person.

I have barely scratched the surface on all of the “extras” that you can pay to do while on your vacation to Walt Disney World.  If you go to the Walt Disney World website, you can find a complete listing of some of its most popular and creative touring experiences.  I always think that I’m going to save up enough money to take advantage of one of these, but I never do.  If you have the opportunity to try one, I think it would only enhance your visit to the resort.

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