Snack Spotlight: Cheeseburger Spring Rolls at the Magic Kingdom

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You know….for a while, I’ve heard about this fantastic snack available at the Magic Kingdom. The cheeseburger spring roll has been much talked about around the Disney community. So on my last trip, I decided to try them, since I was going to be having a big dinner that night. I thought that this would be the perfect lunch/snack!

It wasn’t hard to find them. Yes, they can be picked up at a cart in Adventureland, but you’ll know you are in the right place because there will be a LONG line waiting! On the day I was there, it was probably 20 people deep.

Guests can choose from a few different spring roll types. The cheeseburger version is a staple and usually they have a pepperoni version. But of course, Disney sometimes likes to switch things up. Guests can choose to get one of each spring roll option though, since they are served as an option of two.

I don’t really care for pepperoni, so while another member of my party got that version and very much enjoyed it, I was there for the cheeseburger version.

I took a bite of my first one and was in heaven. It was crispy and crunchy on the outside, thanks to the fantastic shell. Then on the inside, it was gooey and absolutely tasted like a cheeseburger.

I highly suggest dipping it in the sauce that’s provided, which is kind of a mayonnaise type sauce. It gave it a nice zip!

After trying the spring roll, I get the hype. I very much understand why people loose their minds about this great snack and why the lines are ridiculously long. You’ll likely see me in line for it the next time I’m there!

Want to learn how to make a similar version at home? We’ve got the recipe for the cheeseburger version and the pepperoni version.

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