Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-Through

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Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland may look small, but it houses a unique attraction you’ll find suitable for all guests. It never gets busy, won’t be too scary, and tells a classic Fantasyland story. Come take a stroll with me in the Sleeping Beauty castle walk-through!


This entrance is where you want to go

The Sleeping Beauty castle walk-through can be found just inside Fantasyland. After you cross the bridge and walk under the castle, turn left immediately and look for the decorated doorway (above). The attraction includes several stairways through various parts of the castle. There is an alternate experience without stairs for guests unable to climb them; ask a nearby Cast Member.


The attraction meanders through a series of small vignette windows inside the castle. Each shows a three-dimensional scene from the classic Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. Spend a little time in front of each window — the animated scenes change as you linger.


Illuminated storybooks scattered between the windows tell the story we all know and love.


Stairway inside the castle. The attraction gradually leads you up and over the castle’s entrance and back down on the other side.


The interior of the castle stays dark, but not scary. Nothing jumps out at you; it’s not a “spooky” experience. The beauty of the walk-through is that you can spend as much or as little time as you wish at each window or book. Children can move more freely than a ride line.


Many Disneyland guests don’t even know that this attraction exists!


The windows are crafted wonderfully and appropriate for all ages. It’s great to have an attraction celebrating Sleeping Beauty within the walls of her castle, which was built with Disneyland’s original construction even before the movie premiered in 1959.


The final storybook at the exit changes as you watch — “make it pink — no, make it blue!”

Have you experienced the Sleeping Beauty castle walk-through at Disneyland? What do you think of it?

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