Seaside Sunday: Watching the World Go By

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Every week we will take a look at some fun, interesting, or new aspect of cruising the high seas!


Activities on a cruise ship are plentiful: pools, spas, restaurants, entertainment. Along with interesting ports, there is plenty to keep a cruiser busy. But one of the aspects I like about cruising is the ability to do nothing. Activities to keep me busy are plentiful at home, too (although many of them are not nearly as fun!), so the ability to do nothing is a great selling point.

Internet access on a ship is slow and expensive. Television doesn’t offer 250 channels. The kids are entertained and don’t need to be driven anywhere. We are all in the same place. So a day at sea with a book and a  nap is something that I find really appealing about cruising. Sometimes even just sitting around and watching the ocean go by is just fine with me. There are so many places to do just that. Spend some time exploring the ship looking for the perfect quiet spot is just what I need. When I cruise, I try to remember to bring a small bag with me for the ship. I put in my iPod and headphones, book, and some sun block. You never know when you will happen upon the perfect lounge chair.

WatchingTheWorld3 This looks like a nice spot to watch the sea go by.

WatchingTheWorld4 Or this spot would be a great place to relax, too!

Do before your next cruise, create a play list of your favorite music, search out some good books, and make some time for just relaxing. Enjoy the peace and just watch the water go by. Today, sitting in my land locked home, I am very grateful for the days that I am able to spend on the sea just relaxing. And sometimes, or the especially busy days at home, I look at some photos of just the sky and sea to remember how incredibly relaxing cruising can be.

WatchingTheWorld2 The perfect view for relaxing.

Bon Voyage!

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